C’Mon Barbie, Let’s Go Party!

It is no shock that this blog is essentially a Barbie fangirl page – over the years I’ve spoken about how as a little boy my Jem and The Holograms Barbie was my favourite toy, and let’s be honest, Barbie to this day at the toy and brand that speaks to so many of us in different ways. From our collection of Barbies and the dolls from the extended family, this blog and our home will forever preach the importance of inclusivity and diversity that we’ve seen over the years with my favourite blonde bombshell.

Recently it seems as though Barbie is back to IRL events along with us all and I simply had to tell you about some of my personal favourite collaborations to inspire your pink fantasy!

First and foremost, I’m gonna give some love to our newest Barbie from the Tribute Collection. A literal first for the company, allow me to introduce you to Barbie Signature – Barbie Tribute Collection Laverne Cox Doll. We got our for Pride Month and they adorn our dinning room on a daily basis with some of our favourite things. Take a look at my dinning room photos and REELs to see if you can spot them on the top shelf where they belong.

Speaking of Barbie fashion, I will be heading to Toronto in August for several reasons and one of them is the newly announced collaboration that has me anxiously waiting with credit card in hand.

Barbie (Mattel) is leaning into the year of barbiecore with a brand new collaboration with Canada’s leading contemporary, cruelty-free & vegan womenswear designer Hilary MacMillan! And I have been invited to preview the collection with media friends before it hits shelves at the NEW Hillary MacMillan storefront

Launching on August 11 (the collection and the pop-up), the 15-piece ‘Shades of Pink’ collection includes 11 pieces for women and 4 for girls – inclusive of some of MacMillan’s best-selling styles and silhouettes reimagined using Barbie’s iconic pink hues.

I LITERALLY cannot. While the brand is targeted to females, having recently featured my Queen of Canada – Priyanka – in a recent campaign campaign I can assure you this collection is meant for anyone who wants to wear it.

All are vegan, cruelty-free and include sizes XS – 4X which I also love.

“This capsule reimagines our brand’s staples to channel the nostalgia of Barbie through generations past and cementing our vision in offering optimistic and dopamine dressing,” states Hilary MacMillan. “Ready to wear has seen a resurgence and our partnership with Barbie comes at a time when people are searching to find inspiration in their clothing once again. We’ve done something special by creating timeless yet trendsetting classics to take consumers back through time, yet forward in fashion.”

I mean… Can you even handle this? Because I am OBSESSED and hope to get my hands on several items for Julio and I.

Like I NEED the pink trench coat. It’ not even a want. It’s a NEED.

Each purposely designed piece features references of Barbie through generations, channeling contemporary, athleisure, and elegance – to empower the changemakers of tomorrow while celebrating the leaders of today. To top it off, the capsule includes two pieces featuring pins made in collaboration with Canadian jewellery designer Biko – an exclusive for the capsule collection. 

“MacMillan’s impact on the Canadian fashion industry as a changemaker and pioneer in both size inclusive and vegan fashion, combined with her consistent dedication to supporting women just as they are is inspiring,” states Jennifer Gileno, Head of Licensing at Mattel Canada. “The collaboration between Barbie and Hilary MacMillan is a perfect example of purpose-driven fashion, demonstrating to women and girls that we are stronger together.”

The experiential concept store will transport visitors into a luxe closet inspired by Barbie. Surrounded by an all-pink interior, the store will feature the shoppable collection and embrace photo and Instagrammable moments throughout the unique experience.

Speaking of Instagrammable moments – once you’ve picked your favourite items from the capsule collection, it would only make sense to not only enjoy Barbie’s closet, but her whole universe and world brought to life. And for a limited time you can do just that!

World of Barbie is making its global debut in Canada by opening its doors in a stand-alone space at Square One in Mississauga starting on Friday July 22nd, 2022. Inspired by her iconic lifestyle, the 30,000-square-foot interactive attraction features life-size installations that are sure to capture imaginations and hearts across many generations. 

The highly anticipated World of Barbie has been brought to life by live entertainment company Kilburn Live, and leading global children’s entertainment company Mattel.  

Since 1959, with over 250 careers and counting, Barbie has represented a world of limitless potential to fans. World of Barbie interactive attraction is designed to deliver that same inspiration to Barbie fans, empowering them to believe they can do anything and be anything.

Delivering on this promise, some of the exciting installations awaiting fans include:

  • Barbie Dreamhouse: Guests can explore exquisitely designed rooms in this iconic Dreamhouse complete with a patio and ball pit pool 
  • Interior Design Studio: This space features designer vignettes of a hobby room, a lounge, a kitchenette and a beauty studio 
  • Barbie Laboratory: From a Barbie styled periodic table to microscopes and chemical reactions, every fan can discover their inner scientist in this laboratory 
  • Music Production Studio: Guests can play DJ, try out instruments from Barbie, and move to the beat of some epic tunes
  • Barbie Interstellar Airways: Visitors can travel among the stars aboard this one-of-a-kind space shuttle, track objects on radar and report back to mission control
  • Fashion Runway: A fashionista’s dream come true! Guests will be able to walk a pink carpet and pose inside of one of six iconic Barbie boxes 
  • Barbie TV Centre: Visitors will have an opportunity to interview guests, deliver the weather report, and broadcast breaking news complete with a teleprompter on the set of The Barbie Show
  • Camper Van: Fans can take the driver’s seat in this full-size camper van, built by leading car customization shop, West Coast Customs, or simply relax in a hammock
  • World of Barbie Museum:  This installation will showcase the evolution of Barbie via a style gallery that features the Barbie dolls and Dreamhouses from different decades and an array of her vintage cars
  • World of Barbie Café: Guests can take a pause for some sweet treats and enjoy afternoon tea in true Barbie style. Online reservations are available with select VIP ticket purchases. Walk-up guests may be served on a space available basis
  • Barbie Dreambuilder: Exclusive to World of Barbie, this experience allows guests to create their very own customized Barbie set. Unleashing their creativity, fans can select from dozens of dolls, fashions and accessories to build a set as unique as they are (price for Barbie Dreambuilder kit: $65)

Following its debut in Toronto this summer, World of Barbie will tour several cities across North America, including New York, Chicago, and Dallas, among others.

The price of admission for World of Barbie, and its hours of operation varies from day to day. Adult tickets range from $33.00 to $52.50. Children’s tickets (ages 1-13) range from $24.00 to $52.50. Infant (under 12 months of age) tickets are free. Timed entry admission, VIP Anytime Admission, and Café Reservations/VIP Anytime Admission tickets are available for purchase at: TheWorldofBarbie.com.

Needless to say 2022 has quickly become the year of all things Barbie everywhere and I am LIVING FOR IT. Take the little ones, take your date or treat yourself to all things pink with these experiences with Barbie. Make sure to tag everyone involved above and let me know what you think when you visit in person!

Also if anyone can tell Barbie that I’m here as her superfan any time she wants to collaborate, send me some items or dress me in head to toe pink. I’ve got the wigs and I’M READY!

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Photos: Daniel Reyes Cocka and aforementioned participating brands

Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

Daniel Reyes Cocka xo

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