Contest | All the reasons to come join us for the #OPENpicnic in Toronto!

As you will have noticed via our social media accounts, this summer is about taking the time to get out and enjoy the sunshine. One of the biggest events of the season is taking place right here in Toronto on Saturday July 23 at The Harbourfront Centre with our friends at OPEN WINES. We’ve got all the delicious details on why you absolutely must come by to enjoy some food, sip some wine, play some games AND enter some amazing contests. It’s time for the #OPENpicnic with #OPENwines!

All summer long I have been thinking about what it means to celebrate the simple moments in life with friends and family over a glass of wine. As of late, it’s the little things that make me the happiest and having had the opportunity to try the family of OPEN WINES, I am impressed to say the least.

So what can you look forward to when it comes to the OPEN WINES available at The #OPENpicnic? #OPENpicnic #OPENwines Smooth Red #OPENpicnic #OPENwines Smooth White #OPENpicnic #OPENwines Riesling Gewurtztraminer

Three wines that have me smiling and looking forward to sunshine and relaxation with Julio, Canela and friends all summer long. To learn more about OPEN WINES and their full family of wines, make sure to click here!

Don’t forget to come join me on July 23rd for The #OPENpicnic, an opportunity for YOU to try the various #OPENwines, eat some delicious food and take in the sunshine. There are lots of opportunities for you to WIN just for coming! 

To find even more inspiration with our favourite wine of the summer, make sure to follow @OPEN_WINES on Twitter & Instagram and ‘Like’ their Facebook page. Make sure to use the #OPENpicnic hashtag to join in the conversation (AND chance to WIN – come see how with us at The Harbourfront Centre with #OPENwines). We can’t wait to see your favourite moments of inspiration and which wine you loved most!

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Photos: Daniel Reyes, OPEN WINES & all social media accounts shared

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive


Daniel Reyes