Dear Fashion, You’ve Got a New Student

I think it’s safe to say that some of regulars who visit the Do the Daniel blog are probably familiar with me being the “fashion guy” by now. Fashion, for a while now, has been an important part of my life not only as a form of art and self expression, but also as a creative outlet and source of inspiration to other aspects of my life, it allows me to see all the clothing options for men and this excites me. Some days, when I’m down, a good editorial or runway show can completely change my sour mood into a happy day. That’s why I couldn’t be happier and more excited to let you all know that, earlier last month, I got some exciting news that I believe is going to change my career in fashion… forever.

I got admitted into a collaborative program with Elle Magazine International, MIT Sloan and Universidad Complutense de Madrid, called the Elle International Fashion and Luxury Management Program. I know, it’s a mouth-full, but this opportunity is one that I could never in a million years have imagined would happen, so the moment I hung up the phone after getting my admissions call I, a) cried; and b) thought of all the possibilities that this unique and once in a lifetime opportunity could do for my love of the fashion industry and for my career in fashion.

The program itself, like I mentioned above, is a collaborative effort between Elle, MIT and Universidad Complutense de Madrid and will give me the opportunity to travel to some of the world’s fashion capitols to learn from top leaders in the fashion industry under four main subject categories. The first will be a module on Fast Fashion, which will bring me to Madrid to learn the ins and outs on the mega industry that is fast fashion and how Spain (and specifically Madrid) has played a crucial role in paving the modern fast fashion industry we see in shopping centres today.

After some assignment and work time when the module ends, I’ll be flying to Paris (which if you knew me personally, has been a dream of mine to go to since I was like 13 and even way before I had the passion for fashion that I do now) to study Haute Couture and Luxury Fashion. This module will explore the phenomenon that is luxury fashion and how it has led the way and inspired many other brands within the fashion industry. It will also be looking into how foreign brands like Secoo have shaped the luxury fashion market across the globe. It will be interesting to learn how the fashion industry is shaped and changed by its influencers.

After another period of assignments and case studies after this trip, I’ll embark on the third module in New York City to study Premium Brands. This is the sector of the industry that focuses on the in-betweens of luxury and fast fashion and will explore the middle class premium take on the industry. After New York, my journey in the Elle International Fashion and Luxury Management Program will end at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts where I’ll study about innovation and the modern realm of fashion and how fashion has grown and evolved over the course of history.

I know that sounds like a lot to cover in such a short six months, but I cannot wait to embark on this journey. To have the opportunity to not only travel and study in some of fashions mega cities, but to learn from top industry leaders like the President of Louis Vuitton, Clarins, and many many more, is not only a challenge and opportunity I cannot wait to experience but an absolute dream for anyone in the fashion industry, anywhere in the world. So I’m incredibly honoured to be selected among 20% of the applicants worldwide for this program and to share my journey with all of you right here on the blog with you, as well as on my personal site!

So, stay tuned because I’m going to have a lot of travel and fashion coming your way really soon! Be sure to come along on all of my fashion adventures by following my Instagram page!

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