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With summer officially around the corner and new cocktails being concocted on every patio in the city, it’s always fun to try and keep up with the latest trends in the Food & Wine world.  Be it the return of classic cocktails or the infusion of wild and exotic liqueurs, this summer is all about setting yourself free with a cocktail in hand. So I’m excited to tell you about the newly launched and beautifully crafted Jaan Liqueur on!

“If you’re in the market for a back-bar sensation with a universally appealing flavour that’s unlike anything on the market, look no further then Jaan Liqueur. It’s about the most exotic and sensual liqueyr on the market today.” says Robert Plotkin of Now that is an endorsement I am impressed by!

For those Ontario fans of mine, this exotic new option for your summer time savouring just launched at the LCBO and is a must have for your patio parties and sunshine festivities. What starts great conversations and good times better then a beautiful exotic flavoured cocktail?

Don’t believe me? Well you can’t argue with the facts:

“Jaan was born as a blissful marriage of flavors of the East—sweet Paan— with flavors of the West—maple, vanilla and citrus. This hybrid crossover taste experience has gained global appeal, winning over 15 awards at various spirits competitions around the world…”


There is something quite unique held in the flavours of Jaan and that is due to its versatility and cross category appeal. Be it in a signature cocktail on your patio with friends or an after dinner coffee, the possibilities are endless. For recipes, I encourage you to head to their official recipe page for some delicious inspiration.

With a great social media campaign (you heard it here first!) on the horizon, make sure to like the Jaan Liqueur Facebook page & Follow the Jaan Liqueur twitter account.  Most important of all, check out their website to find your local supplier of this summer must have in the Food & Wine world.

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And of course, tweet & instagram @DoTheDaniel with your delicious recipes and inspirations once you’ve picked up your bottle. I can’t wait to see what you all think and come up with this summer!

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.

Photos: Jaan Liqueur


Daniel Desforges