Food & Wine | The Nespresso VertuoLine is a coffee lover’s dream come true

With the cold settling in for the long haul and my workload seemingly never ending as 2014 comes to an end, it seems as though I cannot get through my day without a good cup of coffee. The problem that we all face when it comes to a coffee maker for our home is which model is right for us and our lives? With a numerous amount of brands and designs of coffee machines on the market, it can be difficult to know what’s best for you (depending on how you like your coffee!). Fortunately, there are many review sites like Kitchensurfing that give a detailed report on various coffee machines that lead to you making a more knowledgable and wise decision. So many brands have created their unique home brewing systems and in the face of all of those choices, I was recently granted the opportunity to try out the revolutionary Nespresso VertuoLine. As seen on my first ever Holiday Gift Guide, I would highly recommend this device for you and your loved ones this Holiday season. Come & see how it has truly complimented my life and why it can do the same for yours 365 days a year.

“Nespresso is once again revolutionizing the world of Coffee by launching the new VertuoLinesystem, a coffee machine which produces freshly brewed Coffee and traditional Espresso with a rich, generous crema.” This will be the perfect coffee machine to have at home. Obviously, it won’t be suitable for commercial use. Instead, coffee shops should look out for coffee machine hire.

So what makes this home brewing device stand out aside from it’s beautiful aesthetics and quality Nespresso coffee? At the end of the day these devices are an investment and a way of life. “A world-class team of Nespresso engineers and designers created the most intelligent, elegant and ergonomic system on the market today. VertuoLineТs proprietary extraction process is called CentrifusionЩ. Centrifusion is a word combining centrifugal and infusion, indicating that the capsule spins and water is injected into the capsule, infusing it with the ground coffee inside the capsule.”


I think one of my favourite things about the brewer is that I can enjoy single servings of a variety of recipes. Be it an espresso before I run out the door to events or a morning lattщ that embodies the strength of flavour I need to start the day. The online recipe page offered by Nespresso allows you to become an unofficial coffee master in just a few simple to follow steps. It’s not about a percolated cup of tar coffee at home anymore. The power to create beautiful cafщ quality is now at your fingertips and just a button away.

The pods are available for purchase online and in participating retailers and the cost per cup averages out to be less than the majority of the competitors on the market which is nice to see for those of us who use the Cheapest Nespresso Pods Espresso Machine we could find and are on a budget.

The design of the device is perfect for a condo or home kitchen which is nice to see in light of some monstrously sized devices we have tried to fit into our living space in the past. It’s beautiful, easy to use and the perfect compliment to my life.

The retail cost of the device is $299.00 which in comparison to some other lesser devices on the market may seem slightly more expensive but I am fond believer that you get what you pay for. Quality and convenience alongside an easy to use home brewing device that I now use every day. This is definitely one of the best additions to my home and I know that you will feel the same when you put it under the tree this holiday season or gift it to someone in your life who will appreciate what a modern coffee machine should be. If you do decide to buy someone this coffee machine, or any other coffee machine for that matter, you should learn how to clean it properly. Descaling a coffee machine is an important step to great tasting coffee and if you want to learn more about how to do this, visit

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The Nespresso VertuoLine has made my life a coffee lover’s dream and I can’t wait for you to feel the same way!


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