It’s Not Sparkling Water, It’s Sparkling Fruitwater

I don’t know about you guys, but I am little jeals of the swag bags that were available at the DTDxSpaces Rooftop Launch at Spaces Queen West in Toronto. And the food and drink stations look amazing! There was one gem that caught my eye, given that I am on a health kick and have the sweetest of sweet teeth, and that was the Fruitwater from Glaceau. They set up a water bar at the event for those seeking an alternative to alcohol, but who were still looking to have some fun options!

We all know that hydration is important. We all know that we feel better, work better, think better and our skin looks better when we are adequately hydrated. It’s one of the easiest things to do, but one that is also so easily over looked. Water can also get a bit boring,. I do love drinking water, but come lunch time or after a hard workout, I want something that has a taste to it. Often in the mornings, I will squeeze a lemon into some water for a wake up, but it’s not really practical to carry a lemon around with you all day.

Which is why I love the concept of Glaceau Fruitwater. This water arrived in Canada in February and is perfect for Canadians. We all love to feel a bit special when something is just for us and Canadians – this is just for you. This water is made with real fruit juice, natural colours and flavours, so will satisfy the sweet craving that you are after. It’s made with cane sugar and stevia, coming in at 40 calories for a 500ml serve. Sounds pretty great to me! 

There are three tasty flavours to choose from – Black Cherry Vanilla, Pineapple Passionfruit and Peach Mango. You can grab these in single 500ml bottles for a serious thirst or for a smaller option, a pack of 4, 310ml cans, perfect for the handbag. Which flavour is your go to?

Glacéau are no strangers to the hydration business, as they have being supplying parched Canadians with Smartwater since 2009 and added a satisfying sparkling version to the range in 2017. Both of these options are zero calories and are vapour distilled with added minerals to ensure that they have that pure, crisp taste that has come to be associated with the brand.

For those of us who are becoming more eco-conscious, the Smartwater Sparkling packaging is 100% recyclable as it’s made from plantbottle technology, which means that up to 30% of the packaging is made from plant materials and that has to be good right?

So whether your thirst is from a rough hangover (let’s be real, we have all been there), a hard-out workout or just day-to-day living in a city, Glaceau has a product for you. I would recommend trying the new Fruitwater, I know that it’s something that I would bring for lunch in my office as a break from regular water. Enjoy the benefits of hydration!

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Luvs xx

Nicola Whyte

Photos by Ray C

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