Elements Luxury Tented Camp and Nature Spa

I’ve decided that camping is the best way for me to prevent burn out and really ground myself after long hours at the studio. Nothing compares to the feeling of fresh air in my lungs, the smell of a campfire, and the stars in the night sky. All you really need is a few changes of clothes, a toiletry bag and a camera for all those perfect memories. Ok truth be told, nothing compares to inhaling 10 s’mores in one sitting. I’ve been trying to keep up with the promise to myself to find adventure and explore as much possible. With only a day or two off, I decided that a little staycation at Elements Luxury Tented Camp near the in Renfrew, Ontario would have the perfect combination of my love for the outdoors and luxury hotel life.

Elements is full of well-groomed lush green trails that lead to beautiful canvas tent sites. It was really easy to navigate thanks to the help of their wilderness butlers (oh yes, butlers!). They were kind to help me find my way by cart throughout the entire campground and provided suggestions for activities happening within (art class and yoga) the campground as well in the town of Renfrew which is only 5 or 10 minutes away.

I was expecting only a plush bed and a small side table within the tent and instead it turned out to be so much more! Fully decked out with a writing desk, few chaises, a walkie-talkie to communicate with the front desk, a mini washing machine, an open fireplace and a telescope for stargazing all paired with appropriate décor depending on the name of your tent (Champlain’s Mark). There was even a compostable toilet and sink attached to the side which could be accessed from within. This option is 10x better than any outhouse, not only for nature but for my nose and it saved me tons of walk time.

Once settled in, I took the time explore. There was nothing on the agenda except for dinner. Throughout Elements there are many trails and pathways, one of my favourites was the walk to the lookout. Even though it was a short hike the view at the end was incredible. I was able to take time to lay down on a massive bean bag pillow to soak up the sun and read a book. With barely any insects at the top, it was a great meditation and reading spot and once an hour or so passed by, I went back towards the business centre for yoga and then was able to take an art class where we were taught how to replicate our own zodiac sign constellation on canvas.

With all the movement and laughter, it began to feel like food time. The great thing about Elements is that each meal is camp focused with a healthy twist and being lactose intolerant they provided every dietary alternative (celiac and vegan too!). I had the opportunity to fill out my dinner menu when I arrived, took the time to read a few of the options like the “pasta imposter” or “chicken and pineapple skewers”, then I made the decision to go with the traditional steak, shrimp skewers, vegetables and s’mores for dessert to top it off.

All food is sourced locally and prepared carefully, the wilderness butlers even came by before dinner time to light the fire pit and prepare the table. Yes you still have to prepare your own food! Truly, camping would not be the same without cooking over an open fire anyway and I love that they keep the authenticity of that tradition but still apply their own flare to it by providing wireless record players to enjoy music or flowers to dine with. I’m not an expert in cooking over an open fire – honestly, I normally burn everything. It was just so fool proof though and Elements made everything so easy.

Once dinner was finished, I was able to figure out the walkie talkie even though I’m horrible with instructions and the wilderness butlers came by picked up what was left over then dropped off my s’mores plate for later in the evening. I really enjoyed using the walkie talkie actually, was super fun. I might check out some walkie talkies australia and buy a pair for myself! I took in more of the area, checking out the water where I could go paddle boarding and then the infrared sauna which was relaxing even during a hot day. The one thing I was truly grateful for was the huge showers that were stocked with soaps, shampoos and towels. It was extremely clean and refreshing after sweating for an hour.

When it finally became dark enough to cook the s’mores (locally made chocolate!) over the flame and enjoy all the stars above. If you have been camping, you will know that nothing compares to looking upward towards a clear night sky and seeing a million stars, with the sounds of frogs and crickets chirping at each other. Even though every tent site was full it was peaceful and it made falling asleep to the sound of nature a very different experience. I was comfortable, warm and had so much room to move around within the tent that when I woke up in the morning I felt well rested and grounded.

I couldn’t have stayed at a better place that weekend. It had everything I needed physically and mentally. The best aspect was the attention to detail from the wilderness butlers and the owner herself, who actually put in the time and effort to learn my name and provide me with fantastic options, even if I didn’t give out much information.

Elements Luxury Tented Camp is a great adventure haven if you are looking to get in tune with nature, yet still have a touch of city life sprinkled in. I definitely suggest booking a weekend, stepping away from the daily grind to enjoy being pampered within the Ottawa Valley.

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Always in love with Mother Nature,


Photos were taken by Ro Nwosu on the Huawei P10 Plus