A Healthy Toronto Getaway, With Nachos

It’s no secret that I lead an active lifestyle with a sprinkling of junk food and fries. With my routine of hitting up the gym three days of the week, a daily yoga practice, teaching 18 hours a week, running after a 5-year-old, and dancing around my house like Tom Cruise, I want to make sure I can continue with a modified version of my routine when I travel for a yoga conference.

The Westin Harbour Castle really surprised me. I’ve always had it in my head that a hotel would never focus their marketing towards guests with active lifestyles. When I rolled in Friday evening, check-in was a refreshing experience. I beamed from ear-to-ear as they explained all the amenities and healthy food options that are provided for guests, before they directed me towards the elevators.

I headed up to the top floor (that’s right, penthouse baby!!), to get ready for the evening of conference events. The room was cozy, and it was more than just the comfortable atmosphere, lighting, and king size bed. At the bed side table, there was a small bottle of essential oil: a mixture of lavender and chamomile to help me relax before sleep. There was also a menu to facilitate healthy eating away from home, and it even came with a separate menu full of superfoods and vitamins that are intended to enhance your sleep if taken 1-2 hours before going to bed. I was simply blown away while reading through every pamphlet to see what was offered.

I unpacked my things, and then went back to the menu and settled on ordering skillet nachos. I was starving from the day’s yoga classes, and wanted to enjoy the view of the cityscape a bit longer. Ordering was easy, and the staff gladly accommodated the adjustments I requested. In no time, the nachos were upstairs and in my room; they were heavenly. I still can’t believe I ate the whole thing; there was so much!

Once dinner was done, I headed back to the conference for a bit, and then toured downtown Toronto. When I got back to my room, it was easy to jump into the comfortable bed and enjoy a good night’s rest, especially with the help of the night time oil potion.

On my second day at The Westin Harbour Castle, I was in a rush to make it to the conference. While I love waking up to morning light and practicing a bit of yoga to start my day, I needed to quickly clean up and head out. I took a few moments to review and enjoy the bathroom. I was happy that it was clean, and was stoked about the amazing white tea aloe products. Of course, the wellness theme continued with leaf-shaped soap, and bright lights that woke me up and put me in a good morning mood!

With all the craziness at the conference that day, it felt good to come back to the awesome hotel, stop by the Harbour Coffee bar for pressed juice and a cookie, and then head for a nap. I needed a recharge before heading out to enjoy a few drinks with friends, and close out my Toronto weekend.

It’s incredible to see a hotel take the time to improve the guest experience through a focus on wellness programs, right down to enhancement of sleep patterns. Next time I’m in Toronto (hopefully in warmer weather), I definitely want to hit up The Westin Harbour Castle, to enjoy everything they have to offer, from yoga outside, to their RunWESTINTM program. It was a fantastic stay, and I want to thank the Marriott Team for providing such a cozy experience that was memorable and healthy.

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With Gratitude,


Photos by Ro Nwosu

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