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For those of you who remember, I recently wrote about Sully Wong and my love for this brand. Not only are they EXTREMELY fashion forward and stylish in what they create for their homegrown brand, but they have also shown their passion to make a difference. I am still vying for a pair of my own of their Sully Wong x ONEXONE HOPE Sneaker! I am excited to tell you all about their latest collaboration with Amanda Lew Kee and the brand new Women’s Hi-Top Sneaker.

A first for both iconic brands, this new collaboration marks a step into the world of women’s shoes and breaking down barriers. Julio & I actually had the chance to get a sneak peak of the design and prototype during our visit with Sully Wong for their work with ONEXONE and let me tell you, we were both very excited! I love that we are close friends with these boys and that they look to Julio for his Fashion advise. And now I get to share it with you all as well!


So why now? “At Sully Wong, we are always eager to work with other creative visionaries and develop fashion-forward additions for the collection,” said George Sully of Sully Wong. “Amanda Lew Kee’s edgy design and high-street fashion perfectly complement the hand-crafted, clean siholuettes of Sully Wong, and we’re excited to enter the women’s shoe category with the SWALK HI leading the way.”



This is one beautiful shoe that I want to see on every woman. At this point I can’t get the image of Catherine  AND Amanda adorned in beautiful pairs of their own out of my head. This premium shoe is both sleak and sexy as well as edgy and fashion forward. Just like Catherine, Amanda and most women I know to be honest. The epitome of what it means to be a woman in my opinion is to be many things at once and find balance in the beauty of it all.

“The SWALK HI collaboration personifies all aspects, both in design and philosophy, which Sully Wong and I share as a team. The design itself is sleek, smart, and constructed with the finest attention to detail and luxury materials. Together we are aiming to give the women’s market a sophisticated limited edition option, in the realm of casual athletic footwear, focusing on quality over quantity,” states Amanda Lew Kee.

The limited edition shoe will be available on October 9th on as well as GotStyle boutiques.

I highly recommend that you pick yourself up a pair of #SWALKpremium shoes and tag @SullyWong & @AmandaLewKee on Twitter when you do. Tell them how you fell in love with their design, their shoe and their brands. Make sure to tag @DoTheDaniel as well so I can follow along in your fashionable footsteps.

Photos: Daniel Desforges & Sully Wong


Daniel Desforges