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The work week is half way done and I am left dreaming of the weekend to come. For most of you, I’m sure the feeling is the same and with Friday nights out on the town and Saturdays full of errands and family… well, before you know it, it’s Sunday. Now I am all for laying on the couch naked with the one you love, but sometimes it’s actually nice to get out into the sunshine and explore what Sunday has to offer. Why not come along with Julio & I for our recent roundup of Chevrolet Canada‘s Sunday #ChevyDrive (follow the hashtag to see all the adventures!) to see how they can help make your Sundays just a little more perfect. I’ve been a fan of the Chevrolet brand for some years now – one of my friends has even just purchased a brand new Wichita Chevrolet Silverado 1500 so I’ve got cars on my mind.

Convincing Julio to get out of bed on a Sunday morning is by no means an easy task. But I promised him that we would eat delicious food (what they say is true. The way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Especially Julio) and have lots of adventures exploring areas and roads we have never explored before. So off we went to meet our friends at Chevrolet Canada for delicious brunch at Joy Bistro in Toronto’s east end. Amid much needed coffee and sumptuous dishes we learnt about what sets Chevrolet Canada apart in the market for their vast array of vehicles. As a couple, we know that one day we will need to buy a car as our family grows and our travels take us from coast to coast. There is nothing like a roadtrip after all! So we got to know the safety features, the OnStar technology and the overall performance that truly make these vehicles some of the best Canada has to offer.


Of the five selected vehicles that we had to choose from during this media day, we got started on our very own #ChevyDrive roadtrip headed into the country. There is something quite peaceful about taking a day for ourselves on the road with good music and laughing together. Be it with the whole family or friends, to just get behind the wheel and drive truly sets the soul free. I know it sounds larger then life, but I bet if you tried it for yourself, you would feel what I felt. So off we went into our beautiful Trax as our first vehicle of choice. With our map in hand, our music synced using the MyLink technology we set off for Port Perry Ontario. Yep. I had NO idea where that was either. Thankfully with the turn by turn technology available with OnStar we were able to find our way.

Leaving the city and exploring the countryside in this smooth driving vehicle led me to realize how much I miss driving. With tons of information for those of you speak car (click the link above for Trax specs), all I knew was that aesthetically it was beautiful and performance wise, it was able to keep up with me. Just the right size that I felt confident on the highway and in the city, this vehicle is great for pet owners and families alike. Julio & I agreed this was the perfect way to start our day. Once we arrived at our first stop, Marcelle’s Kitchen, we were pleasantly greeted with country pitstop charm. But don’t assume my friends, because life always has a way to surprise you. With Gluten Free baking and handmade artisan souvenirs, this is not your average gas station pitstop on the side of the road. Friendly staff, yummy snacks and antiques. I felt at ease and like I was on a mini vacation with my husband to be. And after all, isn’t that what Sundays are for?



Refreshed, refueled and ready for more adventures it was time to try out another vehicle. Our next choice is hands down my favourite of the Chevrolet Canada vehicles we had a chance to try out. The beautiful Chevrolet Spark is the perfect car for the city couple on the go like Julio & I. Not only is it extremely affordable, but its compact size and energetic pep make me smile even now as I sit to write this and tell you all about it. Coming in unique and exclusive colours such as as Denim, Grape Ice, Lime & Salsa this car screams fun. I was worried in the beginning about taking a car of this size into the country for long drives but was pleasantly surprised to see how powerful it truly is. Using our turn by turn directions once again, we headed to Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

Where? Exactly. I had no idea this place existed before our #ChevyDrive but once I arrived I fell for its small town charm. We enjoyed lunch by the waterside at Water’s Edge Restaurant and I laughed to myself when I read the town sign. The population of Bobcaygeon is literally 2,500 people and I think the last time I checked, that is the same as our neighbourhood of Liberty Village. As a big city boy, I always used to scoff at the idea of small towns. Now that I am a little older and a little wiser, I think there is a tranquility in these places that simply cannot be recreated and must be experienced first hand. Be it in Bobcaygeon or the city streets of your own neighbourhood, I think that the Chevrolet Spark might just be the perfect car for those of you like us on a budget. Affordable, approachable and all around awesome.



So how do you follow up me raving about a vehicle that Julio & I fell in love with? Well, with a classic. That’s how. The Chevrolet Equinox is a name that is synonymous with quality and performance. So for the last leg of our perfect Sunday together, Julio & I took this Chevrolet classic home. Before that, we had to ensure we enjoyed the farm life though. It’s not a visit to the country without a farm or two after all! Willowtree Farms wasn’t the easiest place to find in the world, but it was certainly one of best parts of our day. Fresh produce, farm animals and even an antique Chevrolet hidden behind the cars in the parking lot. I ended a beautiful day with delicious food and menus running through my mind. Behind the wheel of the powerful Equinox, we headed home in luxury. Of my top three choices to tell you about, this would be the highest end of them all. Again, for those of you who speak car, check out the stats to see why.



All in all I truly came to appreciate the necessity of Sundays in my life. There’s nothing like a Sunday Drive, especially one with Chevrolet Canada vehicles like the ones that we experienced. For more behind the scenes make sure to follow Julio & I on Instagram and follow the #ChevyDrive hashtag.

While you’re at it, make sure to follow @ChevroletCanada on Twitter & their #ChevyDrive hashtag for more vehicle information and beautiful photos. There are so many choices in the car world to chose from, but I now know that Julio & I have narrowed down our personal selection thanks to our friends at Chevrolet Canada. Which car would you pick if you were us? Let us know so we can take your opinion into consideration when that day arrives and we take the plunge!

Photos: Julio Reyes & Daniel Desforges taken with our #DoTheDaniel Samsung Canada GALAXY Camera 2


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