The Best Date Night… In A Box?

Let’s be honest, date nights lately haven’t exactly had the same look or feel that they once did. Amid working from home, all those sourdough starters, and trying to find some routine sometimes it can feel like romance isn’t exactly the first priority on your list.

Taking a page from that book, and focusing on the fact that many of us aren’t ready to freely get back to restaurants, I decided to share a few date night ideas that are in fact in the box. ?

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2020: The Year You Deserve The Best

As we inch our way towards the end of January and all things 2020 start to play out, I find myself really giving some thought to what I want to accomplish this year both professionally and personally. When it comes to the blog, I am excited for new brand partnerships coming to you all very soon that compliment who I am and what I love.

Personally, I am excited to work towards paying down and off some debt we have while we build our savings and work towards children. And more importantly to putting in the effort that marriage takes. Date nights, thoughtful gestures and remembering the things that matter most of all.

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