So… Who Wants to Come to Cuba With Julio & I?

While we are all in full swing during the holiday season, I know that after a busy year I could use a perfect getaway to relax and unwind – To Chill Out even. That’s why I am so excited  to share that in February 2023 Julio & I will be partnering with Air Canada Vacations to celebrate Pride with some fun under the Cuban sun! 

Yes, that’s right – Air Canada Vacations’ Chill Out Event is back and now is the perfect time to book your tickets to join all your favourite fabulous people in the sun for an experience like no other!

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Unpopular Opinion: I am Traveling Soon And This is Why

With the world we live in, travel seems to be a hot topic in conversations both in real life and online, and I thought it was time I chimed in on the conversation. Although this post and our upcoming trip may ignite conversations, it’s important to remember that leisure travel is still possible if done in a safe manner with the right precautions in place.

But before you jump down my throat for travelling this week, why don’t you take a moment to listen to why it’s so important for me to do so for my fifth wedding anniversary and why I feel so safe in doing so.

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