Travel & Lifestyle | Come along with me on #MyViviscalJourney with Viviscal Man!

I’ve come to realize that getting older isn’t always what it’s cut out to be. I love being in my thirties and am always so grateful for the lessons that my life has taught me over the years. BUT, the fact remains that as I get older, I am faced with the reality that staying in shape is a little harder and bouncing back from those late nights out is a little rougher. Not to mention, as a man, I have to come to terms with the fact that hair loss is a real possibility as I get older. Living a busy life can add to the stress which can attribute to premature hair loss and thinning (amid genetics, of course) and so to combat that and feel better about a lustrous head of hair, I am excited to finally announce the details of #MyViviscalJourney with Viviscal Canada. Come along with me as I help to celebrate the launch of the new Viviscal Man line of products created just for us boys! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Come along with me on #MyViviscalJourney with Viviscal Man!”