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I’ve come to realize that getting older isn’t always what it’s cut out to be. I love being in my thirties and am always so grateful for the lessons that my life has taught me over the years. BUT, the fact remains that as I get older, I am faced with the reality that staying in shape is a little harder and bouncing back from those late nights out is a little rougher. Not to mention, as a man, I have to come to terms with the fact that hair loss is a real possibility as I get older. Living a busy life can add to the stress which can attribute to premature hair loss and thinning (amid genetics, of course) and so to combat that and feel better about a lustrous head of hair, I am excited to finally announce the details of #MyViviscalJourney with Viviscal Canada. Come along with me as I help to celebrate the launch of the new Viviscal Man line of products created just for us boys!

1 in 2 men will experience hair loss before the age of 50 – not the best odds boys. It’s why preemptive treatments such as the addition of Viviscal Man to my daily routine is helping to maintain my hair before the problem gets out of hand. It’s why the team at Viviscal Canada have developed a system of products to achieve thicker, fuller-looking hair.


“Healthy hair growth on the inside AND strong, healthy looking hair on the outside” Using key ingredients such as Amino Mar C – marine complex, Viviscal Man helps to nourish each strand from the inside to help maintain healthy hair growth.

“This marine protein complex has its origins in Scandinavia, when a professor researching the Inuit population observed their great skin and hair and concluded that their diet played an important part in this. From here he succeeded in isolating the key protein molecules of their fish and protein rich diet which today is Viviscal’s proprietary marine protein complex AminoMar™.”

To start on a journey to a healthier looking head of hair, I recently had my “before” photoshoot which was a lot of fun despite the reality that I am already showing signs of thinning hair.

Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing my progress with Viviscal Canada and the addition of The Viviscal Man Hair Growth Program.

Why Viviscal Man?

  • 100% drug free
  • Promotes thicker, fuller hair*
  • Nourishes thinning hair and promotes existing hair growth from within*
  • Surgery-free, easy-to-use solution for hair growth*
  • Suitable for all hair types

“An estimated 40% of men have noticeable hair loss by age 35. Viviscal Man hair growth vitamins for men are scientifically formulated to reduce hair shedding and nourish thinning hair from within.* Viviscal Man is backed by 25 years of continuous research and development. At the first signs of thinning at the temples, start taking Viviscal Man. Just 2 pills a day, morning and night, with water after food, and you could see thicker hair results in as little as 3 months.* It’s as simple as that.

Today, more than 4 million boxes of Viviscal supplements have been sold in 43 countries worldwide and Viviscal is the number 1 hair growth supplement in Canada. In 2016, Viviscal developed a new approach to hair care to show that the inside matters just as much as the outside. Using powerful, clinically researched active ingredients, Viviscal has developed a unique, dual-action system. The Viviscal Gorgeous Growth hair care range offers products that promote healthy hair growth on the inside AND beautiful hair on the outside.”

My before photos show that even at 33 years old, I am already showing signs of hair thinning. A scary thought, but one that I am actively working to fix with two Viviscal Man pills a day.



To join me in your very own journey to hair health, make sure to purchase Viviscal Man at and your local Shoppers Drug Mart. Join in on the social media conversation by following @Viviscal_Canada on Twitter, @ViviscalCanada on Instagram and ‘Like’ the Viviscal Canada Facebook Page. Use and follow the #MyViviscalJourney and #ViviscalMan hashtags to share your experience and see what men across the country think about this amazing addition to their lives. 

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Photos: Viviscal Canada & Daniel Reyes


Daniel Reyes

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