Contest | Use PayPal on your next Beck Taxi ride & you could win $1000!

I love a good contest. Be it one that the team & I are hosting, or one that we personally hope to win. That’s why I am SO excited to tell you about the PayPal Canada Contest they are running in partnership with Beck Taxi worth $1000! We’ve been fans of PayPal Canada for years because of the convenience they offer us during our busy lives. Now we have yet another reason to love them together! Continue reading “Contest | Use PayPal on your next Beck Taxi ride & you could win $1000!”

Lifestyle | NOMAD is changing the game

The phones that each and every one of us carry, be they iPhone or Android, have become an extension of our lives. I know that I couldn’t possibly do what I do without mine in my hand or by my side. That being said, one of the biggest irritants that I find is having to carry around my charging cable with me so that I have access to my social media outlets and to you, my reader. But what if there was a way to avoid that cumbersome cord altogether and simply plug in my phone with a wall charger doc or nearby computer? Well ladies and gentlemen, NOMAD has come up with a convenient and compact device to do just that! Continue reading “Lifestyle | NOMAD is changing the game”