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The phones that each and every one of us carry, be they iPhone or Android, have become an extension of our lives. I know that I couldn’t possibly do what I do without mine in my hand or by my side. That being said, one of the biggest irritants that I find is having to carry around my charging cable with me so that I have access to my social media outlets and to you, my reader. But what if there was a way to avoid that cumbersome cord altogether and simply plug in my phone with a wall charger doc or nearby computer? Well ladies and gentlemen, NOMAD has come up with a convenient and compact device to do just that!

“Our phones connect us. We build products to keep yours on.” And it’s just that simple. With two style of products available for purchase, NOMAD is compartmentalizing and compacting the necessity for power in the mobile age.

The NOMAD CHARGECARD (as seen above) is a compact, credit card sized device that you literally can slip into your wallet for those emergencies when that #selfie or tweet just can’t wait and you need power NOW! We’ve all been there, let’s not kid ourselves.

The NOMAD CHARGEKEY is a convenient key chain addition that can jingle in your bag alongside those other important keys. Compact and ready for the necessary charge mid event or date, the fact remains that it is out of sight and out of mind but always ready when you need it.


Both items retail at $29.00 US and ship Internationally for free with the purchase of any 2+ items via NOMAD online shopping . I am not normally one for writing about “gadgets” but this one has saved my social life on several occasions and now I can’t imagine leaving the house without it. In the world we live, can you afford not to make your life just a little bit easier?

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Photos: NOMAD


Daniel Desforges