Food & Wine | Artemano x KHMER COLLECTION

By now it will come as no surprise that we love Artemano. From our very first introduction years ago when Julio & I purchased our office desk, to our most recent visit to their new Laval location with Catherine, it seems we’ve all fallen in love with the store and their stunning products. The next addition (and subsequent purchase I’ll be making) involves the ceramic dinnerware KHMER COLLECTION. Come check it out with us! Continue reading “Food & Wine | Artemano x KHMER COLLECTION”

Events | Artemano Siam Collection | Nature is the ultimate atmosphere

When I first started school to become a Holistic Nutritionist, I had little to no knowledge about the idea of a mind-body-spirit connection.  What I did have, was a gut feeling.  And in staying true to myself, I followed it wholeheartedly, as one always should.  I started to feel connected when being guided to follow my intuition regarding the energy of what surrounds me or to my relationship with the earth.  This is what keeps me balanced, a well-combined mix of realist and dreamer.

Continue reading “Events | Artemano Siam Collection | Nature is the ultimate atmosphere”