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When I first started school to become a Holistic Nutritionist, I had little to no knowledge about the idea of a mind-body-spirit connection.  What I did have, was a gut feeling.  And in staying true to myself, I followed it wholeheartedly, as one always should.  I started to feel connected when being guided to follow my intuition regarding the energy of what surrounds me or to my relationship with the earth.  This is what keeps me balanced, a well-combined mix of realist and dreamer.

Do you ever walk into a room and feel a bit more grounded?  Maybe you get a sense that these surroundings are just what you needed in that moment, however long it may be.  Every space tells a story, with each piece adding words to the pages.  By soaking in the energy of the room, you are able to start reading this story as it unfolds in front of you. 

Recently, my journey brought me into one of these spaces in Montreal.  Artemano invited Do The Daniel to join them in their beautiful showroom to attend the launch of their newest Siam Collection.  Honoured to be able to represent our team, I jumped in a car headed east-bound to satiate my constant nagging wanderlust and to revel in the exploration of something new.


Specializing in modern and contemporary exotic solid wood furniture and home decor, Artemano encourages curiosity, exploration and a sense of wonder.  Each piece strikes up a conversation with others and also within yourself.  They believe that atmosphere has a lot do with the success of your business.  As the showroom is set up into different departments, you are able to envision what it would be like if Artemano created an ambience just for you. 

detail 8

“With stores in Montreal, Laval, Brossard, Quebec City, Ottawa and Toronto, our roots are in Canada, but our inspiration took shape in faraway lands. From the Rosewood and Mango wood of India to the Suar and Teak of Thailand to the recycled woods of Indonesia; ranging from repurposed railway tracks to reclaimed planks of wood from old fishing boats. We LOVE wood. And we love that each and every unique piece has a story to tell. We share these stories. With love.”

detail 3

I was fortunate enough to speak with Shimon, one of the co-founders of Artemano.  During our conversation, he explained to me that they don’t make furniture – they create atmospheres.  As nature is the ultimate atmosphere, they draw their inspiration from the earth itself and the energy that it provides to us all.


“Tune in the energy of the room, take in the warmth of the land from which these old family heirlooms have traveled.  Run your hands along the grain of the table that draws you in, and remember that these trees first pierced the soil as tiny green buds almost 200 years ago, in a land that was then known as Siam and is known today as Thailand… Welcome to the Siam Collection, living art, for the life you live.”


Imperfection is what makes their pieces so beautiful.  Basing their concept on the song “Anthem” by Leonard Cohen, they ensure that his lyrics are written on the walls of each of their stores as a source of inspiration to all who enter.

Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in.


Here are some of my favourite pieces from the new collection.  Enjoy!

Piece: Agat-Talai


“Wood, in all its breathtaking beauty and quirky originality, is an ode to individuality and character.”

Piece: Hong


“What a privilege it is to reconnect with that feeling, that energy, when one steps inside one’s home.”

Piece: Ananta Thewi

Ananta Thewi

“Green, reforestation and sustainable are not just words, they are perspectives.”

Piece: Phra Naret

Phra Naret

“We love to imagine the stories ancient, salvaged wood has to tell – the people that have tread upon it, or ran their fingers along its grain, the history it has borne witness to over time.”

Photos: Artemano & Catherine Sugrue

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