Australia is Coming to Toronto!

My first visit to Australia was a pretty magical experience and certainly one I will never forget. I was on my way from living in England and off to start a new life in New Zealand, so I decided to pay a visit before settling in their neighbouring country for a year. We landed in Sydney, then headed off to Perth, and ending our trip in Melbourne. Both sides of the country were so different, yet common threads could be found everywhere you looked. One of these evident commonalities was the absolutely stunning scenery that was consistently provided. I made some good friends over there who told me more about Australia, the infamous nightlife with footy trips happening all the time, places to go and things to see.

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Health & Nutrition | A Holistic Nutritionist’s Guide to Using Tea Tree Oil

What do you think of when you hear the words “tea tree oil?” Do you get images running through your head of people trying to balance their chakras? How about thoughts of a hippy mom’s medicine cabinet? Or maybe relaxing spa sessions? Do you ever think about cleaning products? How about for use for the skin, hair and beauty? What about on your downstairs bits? Oh yes, I went there (I always do somehow).

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Health & Nutrition | Second Cup Flat White | The C Word 

Review by Catherine’s Cabinet

Every morning I wake up in a groggy haze of sleep-deprived angst. I’ve even been known to throw my blankets over my head in protest while proclaiming aloud “noooooooooooooooo” or “I don’t waaaaant to”. The only thing that changes my grumpy zombie-like state is a fresh smoothie, green tea or coffee. Yes, I said the “c-word”. Hello, my name is Catherine, I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and I drink coffee.

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Lifestyle | Abundance Naturally | The Skin Battle

Review by Catherine’s Cabinet

Only a few select people in my life know about the relationship I have with my skin. Well, I think it’s about time I come right out and say it, I have problem skin. It’s been an issue I’ve been dealing with for almost 10 years now. An up and down struggle with a varied array of problems from redness, to acne, to dry and oily… sometimes all at the same time. It’s a perpetual cycle of trying new products like cbd oil 500mg (which was possibly one that made the most difference to my skin), wearing a ton of makeup and then dealing with the consequences while just being too ashamed to go bare-faced. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I try these products that I’ve mentioned below and don’t notice any positive changes, I may have to finally get help from specialist doctors such as Dr. Swail to see what can be done about the skin issues I’m having.

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