Australia is Coming to Toronto!

My first visit to Australia was a pretty magical experience and certainly one I will never forget. I was on my way from living in England and off to start a new life in New Zealand, so I decided to pay a visit before settling in their neighbouring country for a year. We landed in Sydney, then headed off to Perth, and ending our trip in Melbourne. Both sides of the country were so different, yet common threads could be found everywhere you looked. One of these evident commonalities was the absolutely stunning scenery that was consistently provided. I made some good friends over there who told me more about Australia, the infamous nightlife with footy trips happening all the time, places to go and things to see.

I loved that trip so much that I went back a couple of months later to visit the Sunshine Coast and I can’t wait to visit another part of the country again one day soon – perhaps I’ll even hire a car from somewhere like Andys Auto Rentals so I can really explore this incredible country. Now, it’s no surprise that Australia is on the top of most people’s travel lists. Boasting stunning coastlines, beautiful hikes, sunny weather, unique rock formations and mountains, vibrant culture, mouthwatering cuisine and the best Australian sparkling wine – it’s no wonder this country attracts visitors from all around the globe.

Also I need to stipulate that, for the record, I only saw one spider and one snake while I was there – and that counts for both visits. There’s this misconception that it’s just chock-full of all the deadly things. While yes, there is some gnarly wildlife, it’s well worth the risk of a slight chance encounter for the rewards you will reap upon visiting this incredible country. And the people? They’re true freakin’ gems.

Now listen, I get it. It seems pretty far away from those of us who are living here in Toronto. So, why not take a tour around the country before you actually pay a visit? Well, you’re in luck because Australia is popping up in Toronto on May 4th from 11am– 9pm for a one-day special event featuring a virtual reality and photography exhibit preview right in downtown Toronto at Artscape Sandbox!

Australia Uncovered is a virtual tour and photography exhibit that will showcase Australia’s hidden gems and demonstrate that there is so much more to do and see in the land down under than you may have originally thought. So much to do actually, that you’ll want to plan your trip right away. And trust me, once you’ve experienced the Australia online tour, you’ll want to see the real thing!

The exhibit is set to showcase the lesser known areas of Australia that are sure to appeal to your sense of adventure, through the eyes of fellow Canadians! There will also be Flat White coffee service from 11am-6pm and an Australian wine tasting from 6pm-9pm (19+). Oh and I forgot the best part – they’re giving away a FREE TRIP! Guests of the preview will also have the chance to win a pair of round trip tickets to Australia from Air Canada.

Well, are YOU ready to explore Australia for the first time or even to revisit it again, but right from downtown Toronto? Oh and for the record, the few photos I have taken in this post do NOT do it justice, as there is just SO much more to see. I strongly encourage you to go and check it out for yourself.

See you all on May 4th and make sure to follow along by using the hashtag #AustraliaYYZ! You can find me hanging out near the coffee or wine, furiously planning my next trip. And let’s be honest, probably entering the contest too so I can take Daniel. Here’s never been and it would be the perfect excuse to go back!

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Catherine Sugrue, CNP
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Photos by Catherine Sugrue

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