Travel Experiences You Have To See For Yourself

I’m sitting at my laptop today looking through photos of travel experiences from around the world and realizing that my wandering spirit needs a new experience, and soon. I’ve loved exploring more of Canada over the last few years and recently I was introduced to several destinations that have become favourites, alongside a few experiences I can’t wait to book for the first time!

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Why Banff holds a special place in my heart

I love being Canadian. I love showcasing the beauty of our country from coast-to-coast, and we have been lucky enough to do that over the years. From Catherine’s visits to beautiful British Columbia, to east coast adventures with Julio in Halifax. One of the first places I ever visited was Banff with Catherine many many years ago. From picturesque Lake Louise to the gondolla ride that made me realize how afraid of heights Catherine was, I still think back fondly on that trip. So when I found out about ILLUMINATIONS: human/nature taking place today, I knew I had to share it with you! Continue reading “Why Banff holds a special place in my heart”

Travel & Lifestyle | tells us about love & travel

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air. If you’re like me, you have a passion for travel and a desire to see the world. asked Canadians in a recent survey, how soon is too soon to take a trip with your new fling and we share some surprising facts about love, travel and when is the right time to take that next step with that special someone in your life. You may just want to go on a trip to Savannah straight away or you may want to wait. It is completely up to you.
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Food & Wine | “Nice knife skills, Chef”

That’s my Dad. I am currently (and dangerously) cutting an apple into quarters: apple-half standing up instead of lying flat on the cutting board, fingers sprawled out instead of curved under.

He’s right; of course, my knife skills are horrendous. You can’t cut anything properly while asking it to defy gravity like that. I am tempting fate to cut off a digit or two.

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