A Weekend in Chicago

Let me tell you, 2019 was quite the doozy. But I’d like to think that I made the most out of it for sure. Recently, I reconnected with my love of travel and music – and coincidentally, the convergence of the two together. I think that’s why festivals are always such a great time. When I initially heard about Riot Fest, I just knew that I had to go. And it was an added bonus that it was being held in Chicago, a city that was always on my bucket list, so it was a no-brainer. We packed our bags and off we went to the windy city!

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A Weekend Getaway in Kingston

Recently, I decided to pay a visit to Kingston for work. Growing up in Ottawa, I would pass it by on the way to Toronto. But I think I’ve only ever stopped in maybe once or twice to explore, so I didn’t really ever get a sense of the city at all. I clearly had no idea what I was missing out on! Kingston itself has roots embedded deep within Canada’s history, with former trading posts, Fort Frontenac, Queens University, the Royal Military College, and even being the birthplace of the first prime minister of Canada.

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Healing Yourself From The Inside Out

I believe in science. But I also believe in the varied and integrative facets of what science and can mean. And while I love to research and truly thrive on fact-based learning, I can also see beyond into the realm of the unknown. One that makes room for faith, intuition, and trust in oneself. That’s why the path to healing isn’t linear. Sometimes it’s trial and error, sometimes it’s blissful or painful, it can be rocky at times and smooth during others… but it’s always worth it.

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5 Fun Ways To Use Watermelon

We’re in the midst of summer here in Toronto, and I’m loving every minute of it. But with the warmer weather comes the need to ensure that we are upping our hydration game. One of my favourite ways is to eat your water. Yep, you heard that right, folks! Now I’m not talking about chewing on your drinks here. There are lots of fantastic fruits and vegetables chock-full of water. And one of them that really stands out for me is watermelon

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