Gifts They’ll Actually Enjoy

I am of the mindset lately that when shitty things happen to me personally, the best way to overcome them is to do something nice for someone else. Because there is a theory – don’t quote me on this, as I’m paraphrasing – centered around the law of attraction which says that if you put out positive into the world, positive will find you. I’ve had an interesting few months outside of this world, and I try my best to navigate it all. Thankfully, my business partner is also my best friend. In doing nice things for her, I feel like I’ve made the world a little bit brighter. And if you know Catherine like I do, you’ll understand that chocolate is always a good way to make her happy.  Continue reading “Gifts They’ll Actually Enjoy”

Valentine’s Day made easy with my go-to gifts

Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions where I like to spoil the people I love. Showing the love you have for someone through a gift can be difficult, but with so many options out there nowadays, it’s actually easier than ever before. Have you ever considered this 3D Photo Moon Lamp With Text & Photo that’s personalized to the two of you, or cooking your partner’s favourite meal? Whether you’re a last minute gift buyer, or someone who puts a little bit of planning into the romance of February 14th, I have gathered together some of my favourite gift ideas for those of you who live or are visiting Toronto this month. Take a look and get the inspiration you need to make this year the best Valentine’s Day yet! Continue reading “Valentine’s Day made easy with my go-to gifts”

Health & Nutrition | Renew Life | Boost Your Brain, Baby!

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Do you know how many times a day I utter the sentence, “my brain hurts”? Okay, it doesn’t literally hurt, but my brain feels like absolute mush sometimes. We’re all guilty of taking on too much and then having to deal with what becomes that oh-so-familiar crash and burn effect. Well, I don’t like it, folks!

Continue reading “Health & Nutrition | Renew Life | Boost Your Brain, Baby!”