What does it mean to be Canadian?

2017 has proven to be an amazing year thus far, and it is really only getting started if you think about it. After enjoying a quintessential Canadian winter, it’s time for us all to stretch and get ready for a sunny and warm spring. With the new season comes a sense of excitement, and I am happy to be able to finally tell you all that we have partnered with CIBC for their #StandForCanada campaign which coincides with #Canada150 & CIBC 150th celebrations taking place across the country. For the next few months, the #DoTheDaniel team will be attending some incredible events and bringing you all BTS with us in the process. But before we jump into what a busy Canadiana schedule looks like, I thought I would take a minute to ask you all what it means to be Canadian?  Continue reading “What does it mean to be Canadian?”

Health & Nutrition | You know his name, but do you know his fitness regime?

To help celebrate the Jason Bourne 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & DVD release in Canada, Catherine and I recently attempted to have a #JasonBourne inspired workout. Having been a fan of the character and films for years, I was curious to see what a secret agent would have to do to stay in shape. Thanks to Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, we suited up for a workout at Toronto’s Pursuit OCR to do just that. Come and see what we got up to and why this holiday season, the movie everyone should have waiting under the tree is Jason Bourne! Continue reading “Health & Nutrition | You know his name, but do you know his fitness regime?”

Food & Drink | Not one, but TWO Avocados from Mexico recipes to wow your CFL Grey Cup guests!

As we count down the days to the CFL Grey Cup, it’s time to realize that you don’t need to settle for bad food. I have been working tirelessly with some of my favourite foods to create recipes and reasons to not settle this year. Along with Avocados from Mexico, Catherine & I have created two delicious recipes to wow your friends and family as you celebrate #GameNightGuacNight & the #GreyCup! Come see what we created and why sweet AND savoury are the way to go. Continue reading “Food & Drink | Not one, but TWO Avocados from Mexico recipes to wow your CFL Grey Cup guests!”

Travel & Lifestyle | A How-To Guide on discovering the #VegasYou with Catherine & I!

By now you’ll know that Catherine & I took a trip to Las Vegas recently to co-celebrate turning 33 years old this year. Over almost twenty years of friendship. As I continue to hop around the world for DoTheDaniel.com, I wanted to share our experiences with you all in case you weren’t able to share in the excitement while we were there. If you follow us on Instagram, you would have definitely seen all of the craziness we got up to! And if you don’t follow us already, do so now to keep up with all of our other adventures. We’re looking at growing our following so it would be great if you could help, alternatively, we might use Kicksta instead. From exploring the strip to horseback riding at sunset, Las Vegas has so much to offer. The lights are really what defines a tourists’ view of Vegas, so if you want to read more about the history of them, there are articles from the likes of NeonMama.com that are very enlightening. There were so many things that we didn’t get a chance to do either. For example, Las Vegas is known for its multiple casinos, but we didn’t have time to go and visit one. That was probably a good thing, neither of us are that good at casino games. Next time we visit, we’ll have to make time to go to a casino. As long as we brush up on our skills by playing mega888, or something similar, we should be able to win some games in a real casino. Vegas casinos are full of people who know what they’re doing, so we’d need some time to practice. Anyway, we’d definitely visit there again. Come see how you too can discover the #VegasYou by booking your next trip with Expedia.ca! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | A How-To Guide on discovering the #VegasYou with Catherine & I!”