#DanielsDish: “Cream” of Leek Soup

You know the colder months have officially settled into my brain when every other meal I make at home is soup. It’s something I inherited from my Dad and still reminds me of him (Chicken Soup from scratch being his signature soup) – so today’s Daniel’s Dish is, in no shock, another soup! The difference is that this time I inadvertently made it vegetarian and gluten free!

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#DanielsDish : Easy to Make Pretzels

With kids back and forth in between school and no many options to “do” with them I got to thinking about what recipe I could easily cook with my niece and nephew. I remembered a pretzel recipe I learned in high school and thought it would be a bit of a messy activity we could all enjoy. For those of you who want a fun idea to do with kids, or just a delicious salty snack, this is the #DanielsDish for you!

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#DanielsDish : Roasted Vegetable Soup

I had a chat with some of my inner circle of people at the beginning of the year and I realized that I have lost a lot of my inspiration over the last two years. The things that I once took joy in became fickle or put aside because I was told they didn’t matter. Well, that’s not true actually. Do The Daniel does mean a lot to me – and I’m ready to restart #DanielsDish in a whole new way as the first step towards finding myself again.

Curious? Click below to see the first of many posts that I love creating and sharing with you all

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Coming Full Circle In The Best Way

Now that December is well underway, I am still reminiscing on some amazing moments from the last year of our lives here at DoTheDaniel.com. With so many to pick from, it’s important for me to remind myself how incredibly lucky I am to have this platform to share with you all – and how amazing it is that I have had it for almost five years. As we draw nearer to 2019 and our fifth birthday as a blog in January, I am so happy about the return of the rejuvenated #DanielsDish.

From where it all started, five years later things are coming full circle for me and the blog in the best ways possible.

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