Events | The three reasons we are attending Bud Light Digital Dreams

Festival season has officially kicked off and music fans of all ages are gathering to see their favourites artists and acts. You’ll remember that last year I attended my very first Bud Light Digital Dreams (click here to read my thoughts and first impressions) and quickly learnt why Canadians from across the country gather together in Toronto to attend. I am excited to announce that this year Julio & I will be attending again for an even BIGGER #DigitalDreams with some of the biggest names of electronic music coming to town on July 2 & 3.  Continue reading “Events | The three reasons we are attending Bud Light Digital Dreams”

Health & Nutrition | If at first you don’t succeed, try try again…

I think I have written, reread and deleted this post more than any other I have ever written. For some reason, taking a look at myself and my journey of fitness and personal growth has made me uncomfortable. I’ve been secretly trying to understand why, because I don’t often feel uncomfortable when it comes to sharing my life. I have struggled with my body and mind for my entire life. I have been a different version of me so often, that I think I lost track of who I was over the years. And so, at a very tumultuous crossroads earlier in 2016, I sat down and realized that I needed to find myself again.

I liken the epiphany to a day like any other a few months ago when I was walking the dog. As Canela caught me off guard and pulled me to the ground, I let go of her leash. I lay winded on the sidewalk watching her run away from me with tears streaming down my face. She had knocked the wind out of me and I hit my head on the pavement. Pain shot through my limbs because I hit my ribs pretty hard. Not to mention how scared I was that I might not catch her. In that very moment of pain and anxiety I told myself it was time to get up. I had to. I couldn’t just lay there in pain and watch her run away forever.

Get up Daniel. Get up. Continue reading “Health & Nutrition | If at first you don’t succeed, try try again…”