Miracle on Bloor St. is back & here’s why you need to go

With the holiday season officially here (he writes as he looks out the window as sudden snow falling) it’s time to start planning office parties, family dinners, and amid the holiday shopping, finding the time to celebrate with your friends and family. All of that is exciting and I look forward to it, but where do I go when I want to pause the stress but still enjoy the holiday spirit? Miracle on Bloor St. of course!

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Are you ready to #win the chance to be the office hero?

It’s officially allowed (at least in my opinion) to switch proverbial gears and embrace the holiday season. For some, I may seem a bit too eager for their personal timelines, but I actually just rearranged my entire first floor and put up our Christmas tree. With the season comes some of my seasonal favourites. The ugly christmas sweaters, get togethers with friends, and yes, even the dreaded office parties. This year, things are going to be different though and I’m excited to tell you why.

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Just when I thought I had experienced it all

I wanted to sit down to write a blog post about turning 40 and all thing moments, memories and experiences I’ve worked so hard to experience and share. Amid juggling the concept and structure of the blog post – a process which can sometimes take a few hours or a few days – I got a note from the team at Netflix Canada. It had just under a week since I last got behind the wheel of my car to drive to Toronto, but I knew it they asked I would do it again. Much to my surprise, the event in question was in Ottawa and was an intimate gathering around a mini series that was launching in early November. Little did I know that while ruminating on the past I was about to have an immersive experience that I simply had to tell you about.

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The four steps I took to get the perfect gift

I know, I know… I’ve been talking about my 40th birthday since what feels like January. And with it finally happening on October 17th, I’ve really been putting a lot of thought into what I want to get myself. A milestone birthday is a special occasion after all, and a pretty big one at that. So inspired by my own indecisiveness and finally realizing what I really wanted, I thought I’d share with you all the four steps I took to buy myself the perfect gift.

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