Here’s Why It’s The Perfect Time To Join Me On #TeamPixel

It’s been a few weeks since my glorious / infamous return to all things Google Canada and team Pixel with my Google Pixel 8 Pro (read about it here and ICYMI, check out this social post that had everyone talking here). I love my device but with the recent launch of the all new Google Pixel 8a, now might just be the perfect time for those of you considering the switch to better phone and camera to join #TeamPixel too.

Let’s get into it together!

The all NEW Google Pixel 8a, which will be hitting shelves on May 14, is already making waves online and has me excited for new features and price points.  

The Pixel 8a enriches your lifestyle with its vibrant design, powerful performance, and Google’s cutting-edge AI at an exceptional value. And the new colour is so fabulous I can’t even handle it!

A few highlights (for me) that I thought I’d share with you all include:

  • Productivity Powerhouse: Work hard, play hard with the Pixel 8a. The Google Tensor G3, the A-series fastest chip yet, enables you to quickly edit documents on-the-go, while the Call Assist feature filters out unwanted calls, allowing you to focus on what’s important. Get summaries for your content and effortlessly search images or texts within any app. And if you’re in a noisy location, Clear Calling ensures your conversations remain crystal clear.

  • Travel Made Simple: Capture every adventure for under $700. Traveling can be stressful, but not with the Pixel 8a. Snap stunning photos with Night Sight even in the dim light of a romantic street in Paris. Language barriers crumble with Live Translate, and At a Glance keeps your travel itinerary right at your fingertips. Real Tone technology as well as features like Photo Unblur and Best Take will guarantee your memories look better than ever.

  • Premium Content, Extended Updates and Security: Pixel 8a includes premium content offerings – immerse yourself ad-free on YouTube, securely backup your digital world with Google One, and boost your wellness journey with Fitbit Premium. Enjoy peace of mind with 7 years of updates and highly-rated security features. The Titan M2 chip and built-in VPN maintain your privacy, while the Pixel safeguards your digital life.

The Google Pixel 8a will be available on shelves from May 14th at $679.00 CAD for 128GB and $759.00 CAD for 256GB. Pre-order today:

Here's why it may be the perfect time to join me on #TeamPixel & the new #Pixel8a

*All products mentioned were gifted to me by the Google Canada team

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