There Is So Much To Smile About

Well, it’s officially December and 2018 is coming to a close in a few short weeks. With the holidays to look forward to, I’ve been giving the year a lot of thought. After a pretty emotional few days remembering my Dad with family – while simultaneously traveling a lot for work – I am sitting down to remember why there is so much to smile about. I think sometimes we all can get stuck in a “good riddance” mentality, but even if the year was a challenging one, I hope that you come to a point before NYE where you realize that every lesson you have been faced with had helped to make you into the person you are today. And sometimes, the best thing you can give the universe on a challenging day is a smile. Continue reading “There Is So Much To Smile About”

5 Things You Need To Know

It’s Monday morning and the sun is shinning in Toronto. As I got onto the subway with a potted cauliflower plant (I planted too many at home so I am giving one to Catherine – #Adulting problems) and put my bag down, I noticed that a woman wanted to sit down and I was in her way. I adjusted my things and let her take a seat, smiling at her as I did. She smiled in return and the simple interaction made me happy. Funny how a smile can change someone’s outlook on the day. I guess it’s one of the many reasons why I love smiling as often as I can. You never know who you are helping with something so simple as a positive gesture. Continue reading “5 Things You Need To Know”