There Is So Much To Smile About

Well, it’s officially December and 2018 is coming to a close in a few short weeks. With the holidays to look forward to, I’ve been giving the year a lot of thought. After a pretty emotional few days remembering my Dad with family – while simultaneously traveling a lot for work – I am sitting down to remember why there is so much to smile about. I think sometimes we all can get stuck in a “good riddance” mentality, but even if the year was a challenging one, I hope that you come to a point before NYE where you realize that every lesson you have been faced with had helped to make you into the person you are today. And sometimes, the best thing you can give the universe on a challenging day is a smile.

While running around Toronto today on what is quickly becoming a busy week, I awkwardly held a few deliveries in my arms while trying to get back home as quickly as I could. The hustle and bustle of the holiday is fun, but can sometimes make us all a little cranky if I’m being honest. On the bus home, a little girl sat across from me and smiled when we met eyes. I think after spending some time with my niece Rebecca in Ottawa lately – and having some major baby fever at the moment – I appreciate children a lot more.

They smile at complete strangers without any idea of who that person is. As we get older, I think we lose sight of how beautiful that truly is. I try my best to do something kind or smile when I meet people on the street as much as I can. I know to some of you it seems silly to admit, but I have no idea if that smile is going to put them on a path to smiling at a stranger themselves later on. A small act of kindness can create a wave and putting out positivity into the world is something that I try to do as much as humanly possible.

When I think back on 2018 and the blog, I smile a lot. This is why dental care is so important. We’ve partnered with some pretty incredible brands and experiences around the word. Although our team has shifted and evolved in ways I might not have predicted, we are ending the year on a high note with some pretty big plans in the works. Dental Arts at Front is one of those partnerships that makes me happy because of the impact that they have on people’s lives here in Toronto.

In helping their patients to achieve their best smile – whether they need an aligner for teeth, a filling or dentures – they are in fact allowing them to do what I mentioned above. To smile more, and to feel more confident. So this holiday season I want you to give it some thought. Are you or someone you love looking to feel better about your smile? Because they are prepared to change the way you think about your teeth and achieving your perfect smile. And don’t you deserve to get yourself the gift of a smile this year? Whether it’s yourself, your spouse, or your child, I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help achieve those goals for the people I love most. Some of my favourite content creators, Instagrammers and bloggers feel the same way! Perhaps it’s the best time ever to be looking into dental health insurance, not just for you but those you care about too.

(pictured above, @thejennandthecity <3) I think one of the most common misconceptions about Invisalign is that people think it can take so long to go through. Speaking to a professional dentist about where to get invisalign in Gresham (location varies depending on where you live) could be the starting point in knowing actual facts about what the process of the Invisalign treatment consists of. The more you know, the better it will be for you when it comes to making a proper decision.

There is of course so much to learn about the process, and we’ve shared facts and fun photos over the year here and here and that fun interview we shared on our FB page. ICYMI, You can check it out below while I get excited that I am continuing to give the gift of a smile into the holiday season.

From Orthopulse, and other ways to speed up your Invisalign treatment, it’s never been easier to get the results you want in the timeframe you have. Whether you’re looking to get your smile ready for your wedding or you’re just anxious to see the results you can trust the experts at Dental Arts at Front to help you achieve. And if I’m being honest, if I trust them with my loved ones, you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands.

There are of course so many options available to meet your needs, your goals, and your dream smile. So whether it’s your holiday gift to yourself from yourself, or you’re looking to help someone you love feel their best with a smile that they will help spread positivity or confidence with, I encourage you to call Dr. Kurtz office nearest to you and get a consultation. Click here to check out his website now – I love following along with the influencers who frequent their offices and can’t wait for you to follow along in their journey to better smiles and more positivity. I hope that you feel inspired to do something for yourself to make a small change with the biggest impact. You deserve it and we know just the doctor to help you achieve it!

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Daniel Reyes

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