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Review by Catherine’s Cabinet 

I want to take a second to bring you into my world.  As a Holistic Nutritionist, I always want what’s best for my clients.  When I recommend a protocol plan, product or a potential supplement to start incorporating into their diets, I’m not giving it to them or selling it directly.  I make my professional recommendation and then it’s up to them to source it, purchase it and then they are then responsible for making sure they follow the protocols I am providing to them.  They are the CEO of their own body.

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Lifestyle | In the Act of Letting Go

If you had asked me 2 years ago what my life would be like without him, I would have described a feeling of unbelievable agony and absolute gut-wrenching pain at even the thought of such a scenario. 

Flash forward to now, almost 2 years later and I can’t think of anything better than my life without him.  Losing him was the catalyst to finding me.  It allowed me to learn my greatest lesson by far, in the act of letting go. Continue reading “Lifestyle | In the Act of Letting Go”