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Review by Catherine’s Cabinet 

I want to take a second to bring you into my world.  As a Holistic Nutritionist, I always want what’s best for my clients.  When I recommend a protocol plan, product or a potential supplement to start incorporating into their diets, I’m not giving it to them or selling it directly.  I make my professional recommendation and then it’s up to them to source it, purchase it and then they are then responsible for making sure they follow the protocols I am providing to them.  They are the CEO of their own body.

It’s an empowering process for them to walk away knowing that their health is in their own hands now (obviously alongside my guidance, health-cheerleading and support).  At the same time, this can be very overwhelming.  I want them to be able to get the best products and foods possible.  So that’s where places like The Innate Wellness Health Shop comes in.  Founded by naturopathic doctors, Dr. Angelina Riopel and Dr. Kathleen Regan, this newly opened stellar wellness joint located in the heart of the Annex is challenging all of the connotations associated with the words “health shop”.

I’m not just talking about supplements or food, although they do carry those.  They also stock some of the top natural beauty products out there right now.  It’s all hand picked and researched thoroughly in what they call an “edited collection of natural medicine, whole foods, clean beauty and lifestyle products”.  This rocks.  No questions or concerns will ever go unanswered or overlooked here, folks.


I was lucky enough to meet the one and only Kat Burki, founder of her fabulous line of the purest raw beauty products, while visiting the store.  This was as a result of the close relationship that The Innate Wellness Health Shop has with their products and their clients.  Kat talked about her line, let us try out each product and was open and honest about the ingredients and ultimately what effect they have on your skin.  I always say, never put something on your body that you wouldn’t eat.  I could probably down a whole bucket of her body butter, but I won’t, for obvious reasons (come on now).

I feel 100% confident directing my clients into this kick ace new wellness boutique, knowing that they will absolutely get the best products for their needs along with sound, like-minded advice from professionals in the natural health field who genuinely care about their clients (just like meeeeee).  Go in and check it out for yourself!  You WON’T be disappointed (come on, if I love it, it’s gotta be good, right? right guys???)

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163 Dupont Street

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