Still Need a Little Help Getting Into The Holiday Spirit?

While I may have had my Christmas tree up for many weeks now, I know that some of you out there aren’t necessarily in the holiday spirit the way you might wish you were. While I wish I could wave my fairy godmother wand and make it happen for you, I can recommend some of the best holiday experiences for you to enjoy in Toronto that might do the trick!

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It’s The Magical Memories For Me

Well it’s that time of year again friends – the holidays are in full swing and I am HERE FOR IT. From tree lighting ceremonies to seeing window displays pop up at my favourite destinations in Toronto, I’m in the thick of it this year and it’s making me very happy to say the least. In hopes of inspiring you to live life more magically, I thought I would share a few things happening at one of my favourite places in the city that you can enjoy starting today and all season long. Because after all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year again!

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How to Plan The Perfect Long Weekend in Toronto

As we officially enter into the second half of 2021, I am very much looking forward to an amazing (long) weekend ahead with Julio and Canela in Toronto. These kinds of trips don’t happen often (while we continue to do the long distance thing) so I wanted to ensure I planned the best experience I possibly could. In hopes of inspiring safe and beautiful travel of your very own. Whether you’re celebrating two dose summer or playing staycation as a Torontonian, I’ve put together the perfect long weekend list for your enjoyment.

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The Best Kept Secret REVEALED – How to Enjoy Pride Month in Ottawa

Wait a minute.. didn’t I just write something similar about Toronto? Why yes, I absolutely did and you can click here to read it as well depending on which city you’re celebrating in. Being that I am in between both for work and to spend time with my husband while we do the long distance thing, it only made sense to give Ottawa the attention it so deserves now that I’m back. Not to mention all the excitement that we all so desperately need with patios re-opening and a slow crawl towards the summer months and some sense of freedom. So how are Julio and I celebrating Pride in Ottawa? Let me share the fabulousness with you all!

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