How to Plan The Perfect Long Weekend in Toronto

As we officially enter into the second half of 2021, I am very much looking forward to an amazing (long) weekend ahead with Julio and Canela in Toronto. These kinds of trips don’t happen often (while we continue to do the long distance thing) so I wanted to ensure I planned the best experience I possibly could. In hopes of inspiring safe and beautiful travel of your very own. Whether you’re celebrating two dose summer or playing staycation as a Torontonian, I’ve put together the perfect long weekend list for your enjoyment.

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Finding Romance in The Mountains

While many of you aren’t going to like the following statement, I am excited that the fall is on its way. My favourite season, it offers me sweater weather, cuddling on the couch more, and all things seasonally and emotionally warm. That being said, I have to admit this summer may have been my favourite one yet here at the blog because I made a concerted effort to reconnect with the important things in life in order to remember what is most important. So let me tell you about how I rediscovered romance on a whole new level in the mountains just a quick trip away from Toronto – you might be surprised at how easy it is to do for you and that special someone too!

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