Finding Romance in The Mountains

While many of you aren’t going to like the following statement, I am excited that the fall is on its way. My favourite season, it offers me sweater weather, cuddling on the couch more, and all things seasonally and emotionally warm. That being said, I have to admit this summer may have been my favourite one yet here at the blog because I made a concerted effort to reconnect with the important things in life in order to remember what is most important. So let me tell you about how I rediscovered romance on a whole new level in the mountains just a quick trip away from Toronto – you might be surprised at how easy it is to do for you and that special someone too!

Earlier this year Julio and I were invited to visit Mont Tremblant for a romantic getaway. Timing wise, it made sense because I was starting a new job the following Monday and if I’m being honest, we were overdue for an us weekend. I of course was well versed in all things #Tremblant because my parents had a timeshare there for as long as I could remember.

Though not as many as I would have liked, we have fond memories of driving up to enjoy the condo, the mountain, the scenery and nature. Julio and I even went up for my brother’s stag and doe with his then fiancé, now wife before they started their family. It’s held a special place in my mind for a long time, but it was ultimately a destination I thought I had seen and done everything at so it never was at the top of my personal travel list. That is of course, until this trip.

While every bloggers might tell you that every trip changed their minds, I have never been one to sugar coat things for the sake of appeasing a host, a brand or a paid opportunity. But when I say that I saw a whole new side of Tremblant, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

First thing’s first, I had NO IDEA how easy it was to get there on a Porter Flight from Billy Bishop Airport in the heart of Toronto. Quite literally just a little over an hour after boarding, you’re in the mountains in the province which I was born. For city dwellers like me, I think sometimes we take getting away for granted until we do it and remember that feeling. The clean air. The people. The food… all of it, a way to recharge and unwind.

After landing we took the shuttle service to the village (something I recommend doing ahead of leaving to avoid the line when you land) we made our way to Faimont Mont Tremblant. Having never stayed at this iconic hotel before, I was in for quite a treat.

From the restaurants in the hotel, to the pool sipping cocktails in the sun, taking Lucky the hotel dog for a walk (yes, that’s a thing. And I was obsessed with him in lieu of leaving Canela at home), to one of the most comfortable beds I have EVER slept in, we actually got the perfect getaway weekend. The sun is still going to be shinning for some time I have no doubt, but I am more so excited for the fall and the changing of the leaves.

I think one of the most exciting parts for me was to explore Casino de Mont-Tremblant for the first time to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Not only did I make lots of new content creator/influencer friends, but I also got to see how easy it is to make a night out at the Casino. Don’t get me wrong, I knew how easy it was to start playing online games like PGslot, but when it comes to actually going to a land casino and spending a night there, it was a completely new experience for me. But I was definitely excited to try it. You see, I had spent some time perfecting my gambling skills on a few different online casino websites before our big trip. I did not want to be the only person going home without a prize after all! Accordingly, if you are heading to a casino anytime soon, checking out a website like can help you to find some fun online casino games to test your abilities. As for our casino visit though, we of course enjoyed a luxurious seafood dinner, sipped on perfectly crafted cocktails, and played our luck at the slots and the table. I really enjoyed the slots to the point I’m thinking of looking into some new slot sites, this way I’ll be able to pull the lever and spin wherever I am! Some of the other casino games had me so hooked too, so I was thinking I could find myself ending up in bed on a website like or others to carry on my betting streak! I never realized how vibrant and inviting Mont Tremblant is for a gay couple like us who are working towards a family, but still want to enjoy our time before kids.

Not that we won’t take our children up their to continue the family tradition, but it’s a different kind of trip to getaway for more romance and reconnecting if you know what I mean…

Here’s what I challenge you to do when you book your trip to Mont-Tremblant, try something you’ve never done before. We did and I can tell you I will probably look back fondly on the memory of doing a zipline adventure through the mountains for the rest of my life. The team at ZipTrek Ecotours Tremblant are amazing and you’ll get to quite literally see the area from a whole new perspective.

What I can about our last trip and I’m sure about any of them to come is that Mont Tremblant has evolved to understand that not every traveler wants to relax at a spa. You of course can, but there is SO much more to enjoy and so many things to experience for yourself. So… what are you waiting for?

The truth is just that. Everything can change in 70 minutes – which is just about the amount of time it takes to fly to Tremblant to reonnect with nature in any season, and to rediscover what it means to enjoy a romantic getaway. Goodness knows I could use another one soon… someone remind Julio that my birthday is in October, ok? ?

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