#TIFF14 Round Up | The NKPR It Lounge Portrait Studio

If there is one thing that comes to mind when you think of The Toronto International Film Festival ®, it is celebrities. As the season has now come to an end and the city of Toronto slowly returns to everyday business, I am left smiling thinking back on this years #TIFF14 experiences with Julio & Catherine. Alas, this season Amanda had to skip with Lyric heading to school but next year I think we should make sure she is in town for all the festivities. Of all the celebrity gifting lounges that take place all over the city, one that we always look forward to is the NKPR It Lounge. Julio’s post has already gone live on FASHIONIGHTS here, but come and see why this year’s #NKPRIT14 Lounge was the most star studded yet in my #DoTheDaniel Behind The Scenes feature. Continue reading “#TIFF14 Round Up | The NKPR It Lounge Portrait Studio”

Contest | Live the #NKPRIT14 Life with me for #TIFF14

For many of the fans of the The Toronto International Film Festival ® , today is the last day before tomorrow’s #TIFF14 excitement begins! As you must have seen by now, @TIFF_NET madness has taken over DoTheDaniel.com and our team is already in full swing for coverage, media previews, gift lounges and many other amazing events. I recently thought to myself… why not help my readers to live the life that we will be living with an amazing #TIFF14 Contest exclusive to DoTheDaniel.com? Come see the details here! Continue reading “Contest | Live the #NKPRIT14 Life with me for #TIFF14”

Toronto | Watch out for these 4 TIFF Rising Stars

With the TIFF season right around the corner and events already in full swing to kick off the #TIFF14 season (see my recent post on the #FestivalCountdown event we attended), all eyes are now turning to Toronto and what TIFF 2014 holds for the film industry. Be it the celebrities about to gather in our Canadian metropolis, the exclusive parties or the fandemonium that is about to take place… Toronto comes alive and the #DoTheDaniel & #FASHIONIGHTS team is ready to take it on!

One of the most exciting things that we are all looking forward to is the stars that will arise out of the TIFF films this season. The Toronto International Film Festival ® recently revealed four actors participating in the 2014 TIFF Rising Stars programme and something tells me that this is the first, but not the last time, that we will be seeing these names. Let me tell you why! Continue reading “Toronto | Watch out for these 4 TIFF Rising Stars”

Events | #FestivalCountdown with NKPR & Rudsak

Well, it’s that time of year… The DoTheDaniel.com & FASHIONIGHTS team members are ramping up for an exciting 2014 TIFF season ahead of us. You’re gonna want to make sure you follow along for all the fun on Instagram & Twitter because I have just RSVP’d to some SERIOUS events with some pretty influential names.

While you’re at it, just follow @TIFF_net to keep up to date on the whole #TIFF14 process. Trust me when I say it’s one you don’t want to miss if you can’t make it to Toronto to join in! Last night, Julio, Catherine & I had the honour of joining the beautiful Natasha Koifman and the NKPR team alongside Rudsak for #FestivalCountdown to kick off a busy few weeks. Come see why it was THE place to be last night!

Continue reading “Events | #FestivalCountdown with NKPR & Rudsak”