How To Make A Perfect Wine In 5 Steps

With over fifteen years of wine tastings, experience in the restaurant industry and countless wine tours, I like to believe that I know a little bit about wine. Using my skills, I recently sat down and thought that I would tell you how to make a perfect wine in five steps so that you can do it yourself to cut out the middle man in the process when enjoying the final product with your friends and family. Ready? Here we go.

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Taleggio Caprese Salad

Happy Summer, friends! Don’t you just love love summer produce? Here in the UK, we miss out on the incredible bounty from Canada (oh Ontario peaches, how I long for you!) but are fortunate enough to have access to Spanish tomatoes. And the Spanish grow some incredible ones. They are such masters of growing tomatoes that they even have a food fight with them every August.

Though I hope you use yours to make this salad instead. 

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Food & Wine | Flour Power Masterclass at Pizzicotto

Act 1

Scene 1

A woman arrives a half hour late to a beautiful, family-run Italian Restaurant on Kensington High Street. At the end of the bright room are two tables set up with pasta-making supplies: cutting boards, pasta machine, knives, dough. Behind them is a blue-tiled pizza oven and counter. People are milling between the two areas, orange drinks in hand.

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Food & Wine | Come celebrate Ardbeg Night on May 28th with us!

I think one of the things that I love most about living in a city like Toronto is the ability to attend some pretty incredible events. One of these events is Ardbeg Night that will be taking place on May 28th to celebrate the upcoming release of Ardbeg Dark Cove. Whisky is one of those beautiful things that I associate with special moments and special people. Ardbeg has a unique history and the addition of this new limited edition bottle comes just in time for the summer. “Smuggling, illicit whisky trade, dodging excise officers and fast ships to traverse the Scottish coastline all link into the Dark Cove concept for Ardbeg Night.” Continue reading “Food & Wine | Come celebrate Ardbeg Night on May 28th with us!”