Food & Wine | Come celebrate Ardbeg Night on May 28th with us!

I think one of the things that I love most about living in a city like Toronto is the ability to attend some pretty incredible events. One of these events is Ardbeg Night that will be taking place on May 28th to celebrate the upcoming release of Ardbeg Dark Cove. Whisky is one of those beautiful things that I associate with special moments and special people. Ardbeg has a unique history and the addition of this new limited edition bottle comes just in time for the summer. “Smuggling, illicit whisky trade, dodging excise officers and fast ships to traverse the Scottish coastline all link into the Dark Cove concept for Ardbeg Night.”

“Ardbeg’s island home had a dark past. Centuries ago, at the dead of night, the early distillers would smuggle their whisky from the rocky shores of Ardbeg cove, to black-­painted ships moored off the coast, where it would be spirited away to the Scottish mainland. … The shadowy history of Ardbeg’s homeland will be recalled as part of the annual celebration of the Islay single malt, when Ardbeg Day becomes Ardbeg Night. The annual celebration of Ardbeg, the world’s peatiest and smokiest single malt whisky, takes place this year on 28th May 2016, when Ardbeg’s loyal following – the Ardbeg Committee – and their friends, will be invited to attend a series of special events being held at night across the world and on Islay.”


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Photos: Ardbeg

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive


Daniel Reyes