A Country in Bloom

Close your eyes. Imagine the smell of lavender. That is Provence in bloom. Picture tall, majestic sunflowers, gently swaying in the breeze – Van Gogh’s favourite. That is the French countryside in bloom. Envision luminous fields of yellow Canola (or Rapeseed) joining France and Canada in friendship and agriculture. That is Normandy in bloom. Imagine the sweet, juicy taste and smell of a freshly picked apple. That’s the apple orchards blossoming in Champagne-Ardenne. Savour the sweet scent of cherry blossoms, pink and plentiful. That is Paris in bloom. Imagine the proud and graceful fleur-de-lis, a majestic and internationally recognized symbol. That is France in bloom.

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Food & Wine | Papilles Pop-Up Wine Bar Launch Event

Last Tuesday my boyfriend and I attended the launch event for Papilles pop-up wine bar. For one month the old street cafe; Papilles at the Brew, becomes a wine bar at night. Owned by husband and wife team Anne Roque and Jonathan Dupont, Papilles offers guests Frapas (French tapas) and various types of carefully sourced and selected French wine.

Around 50% of the wine selections are available by the glass as well as 500ml carafe, which means you can sample the wide variety that Papilles has to offer.

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Food & Wine | “Nice knife skills, Chef”

That’s my Dad. I am currently (and dangerously) cutting an apple into quarters: apple-half standing up instead of lying flat on the cutting board, fingers sprawled out instead of curved under.

He’s right; of course, my knife skills are horrendous. You can’t cut anything properly while asking it to defy gravity like that. I am tempting fate to cut off a digit or two.

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Food & Wine | Hennessy celebrates 250 years of the past by inviting you to send a message to the future!

When I stop to think about how Hennessy is celebrating their 250th anniversary, I am amazed by the way they have created something so unique. For 250 years, they have worked tirelessly to establish themselves in a way that spoke to their passion and dedication to their craft. As we draw nearer to that incredible moment in the history of the Hennessy name and celebrate the past, we as Canadians are invited to look forward and mark a moment in the future.

Yes, Hennessy is asking us all to stop and send a message to the future. One of inspiration, of hope, and most of all, of all the momentous occasions to come. From July 8-14 in Toronto, Hennessy is inviting you to be celebrate their past while also being a part of their future. Continue reading “Food & Wine | Hennessy celebrates 250 years of the past by inviting you to send a message to the future!”