Falling In Love All Over Again

Julio and I recently recorded an upcoming television segment where we were asked what COVID19 felt like. It took me some time to come up with the answer – not because I didn’t have one, but rather because it was a lot of emotion to express at once. It has been like dating for the first time all over again.

That time in a relationship when you spend every hour of every day you possibly can together. Because you couldn’t bare to be apart – except for this time, it was thrust upon us. I found myself laughing more, living more and being more myself than I had when “life” was happening at that insane pace we all lived. So now that we have fallen in love all over again it seems, I find myself wanting to do for him the same things I did in the beginning and forgot the importance of.

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Toronto | The #DoTheDaniel Top 6 #TIFF14 Restaurants

TIFF TIFF TIFF… are you getting as excited as I am?! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the #TIFF14 theme is growing with each new day. Alongside my feature posts (check some of them out here & here), I took a moment last night over dinner with Julio & Catherine to discuss the upcoming season. Being that we eat out a lot (both by professional necessity and because who doesn’t love to go to a restaurant for a beautiful meal?), Julio looked at me and told me I should make a TIFF inspired Restaurant Round-Up. Not just another pretty face my husband to be…..

So, we came up with my Top 6 Restaurants you MUST eat at during The Toronto International Film Festival ® both for the delicious food and the possibility of dining beside your favourite celebrity. Come see the #DoTheDaniel top 6 #TIFF14 Restaurants here! For anyone who own a restaurant business and does get inspired by some of the recommendations we have mentioned below, don’t take this as one business doing better than yours. There will always be competition in whatever industry you find yourself in, but it is up to you to make that change and strive for success. When it comes to improving their social media presence, I’ve heard a few people say, “Buzzoid is my favorite choice“, in relation to companies that help boost follow counts and likes on their accounts. This may be something worth looking into, especially if you are looking to step up your social media game for your business. Maybe taking inspiration from these restaurants could make all the difference when it comes to your future. Additionally, you may want to improve the service and hospitality of your restaurant by hiring someone from a reputable agency such as a hospitality headhunter, which can find hard-working employees to work for the restaurant. For instance, whether it’s managing a restaurant or keeping up the quality food, a good managerial staff could act as a stepping stone towards the success of your restaurant.
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