Falling In Love All Over Again

Julio and I recently recorded an upcoming television segment where we were asked what COVID19 felt like. It took me some time to come up with the answer – not because I didn’t have one, but rather because it was a lot of emotion to express at once. It has been like dating for the first time all over again.

That time in a relationship when you spend every hour of every day you possibly can together. Because you couldn’t bare to be apart – except for this time, it was thrust upon us. I found myself laughing more, living more and being more myself than I had when “life” was happening at that insane pace we all lived. So now that we have fallen in love all over again it seems, I find myself wanting to do for him the same things I did in the beginning and forgot the importance of.

I guess that’s one of my biggest lessons amid 2020. Who and what is really important. The things which I very much need, and subsequently everything else. I am very grateful for my husband and everything we have experienced but as a couple, and as individuals.

When I first started the blog, one of the very first career highlights for me as hosting a dinner at The Four Seasons. My very first #DanielsDish. And I remember that moment realizing that I had found an outlet for myself like never before. The blog took on a life of its own over the coming years, life got busy, we got busy…. and slowly romantic moments and memories became fewer and far between. That’s life they say.

This year, little things became important again. Remembering his favourite meal. That look he gives me when I make him laugh. The way it feels when he squeezes me closer in his sleep. And of course, the ways in which I show him how incredible he is.

Not everything has to be material, but when it is, I want it to be special. Few things in Toronto are as special at the experience at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, and with everything on our plate right now, I decided it was time for a just because, middle of the week staycation.


So we’re packing up the bags, grabbing Canela and her favourite toy, and headed off to Four Seasons Hotel Toronto to just be ourselves enjoying moments, meals and memories like no other hotel can – full of luxury, glamour and those INCREDIBLE bathrobes. Seriously. I want one for home.


So what on earth can we do during COVID19 someone asked? Well, that’s a great question. The hotel is fully equipped to welcome guests safely, amenities have been amended but can still be enjoyed, and there is something to be said about soaking in the tub, popping a bottle of wine, and ordering room service.

I know it feels like there is so much we can’t so right now, but I opt to focus on what I can do. I can book a luxury stay for my family in the middle of the week for no other reason than the fact that we need it.

“At Four Seasons, we believe in recognizing a familiar face, welcoming a new one and treating everyone we meet the way we would want to be treated ourselves. Whether you work with us, stay with us, live with us or discover with us, we believe our purpose is to create impressions that will stay with you for a lifetime. It comes from our belief that life is richer when we truly connect to the people and the world around us.”


The world isn’t what it used to be and it shouldn’t be either, but what it does hold is the opportunity to celebrate yourself and the ones you love. To do the things you always put off because you had other reasons to. And if nothing else, 2020 is the year you deserve to pamper yourself. Head to the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto website now to see their current offers and book your #Staycation mid week or weekend now.

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

Daniel Reyes

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