Fashion Faux Pas or Fashion Night Out?

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I wanted to take the opportunity to address a conversation I find myself having more and more each year – especially since I first started working in fashion. I think we can all agree that, for the most part, Halloween is an opportunity to break away from your normal every day lives and let your quirkiest, scariest, fun-loving self come out. But some Halloween lovers use this as an opportunity let their inner “glamazons” break free and express themselves in a way that doesn’t fit the typical Halloween cookie cutter mold, so now it begs me to take this question on a little more seriously – Halloween Fashion Faux Pas or Fashion Night Out?

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Food & Wine | Sinfully Delicious Halloween Cocktails

Halloween has arrived and it’s time to celebrate with some spooky cocktails. Thanks to our friends at Canadian Club & Jim Beam, we’ve got just what the witch doctor called for to ensure your guests are enjoying the season. Along with our closest ghouls & goblins, we will be serving up these delicious drinks and can’t wait for you to try them! Continue reading “Food & Wine | Sinfully Delicious Halloween Cocktails”

Events | Canada’s Wonderland’s #CWHaunt is an experience that will have you screaming for more

I’ve never considered myself someone who enjoys being scared. The idea of watching horror movies has not been my thing and on the odd chance that I do, it’s usually with a pillow in front of my face. This year when we were invited to attend The Haunt, my immediate reaction was to politely decline. After some thought, I decided it was time to have a little bit of fun at my favourite place in Canada – Canada’s Wonderland. Continue reading “Events | Canada’s Wonderland’s #CWHaunt is an experience that will have you screaming for more”

Contest | Wishing you a Happy Halloween from shomi

If you’re following us on social media (@DoTheDaniel), you’ll have seen that we recently received an amazing gift from our friends at shomi. A personalized @dothedaniel pumpkin is just what I wanted for a festive Halloween. I’ll be spending nights in with Julio as we watch #31DaysOfHorror movies and their vast spooky exclusive programs. As our on demand service of choice, shomi is the best way to celebrate Halloween this year and we want you to enjoy it with us thanks to our amazing contest! Continue reading “Contest | Wishing you a Happy Halloween from shomi”