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Events | Canada’s Wonderland’s #CWHaunt is an experience that will have you screaming for more

I’ve never considered myself someone who enjoys being scared. The idea of watching horror movies has not been my thing and on the odd chance that I do, it’s usually with a pillow in front of my face. This year when we were invited to attend The Haunt, my immediate reaction was to politely decline. After some thought, I decided it was time to have a little bit of fun at my favourite place in Canada – Canada’s Wonderland.

Upon arriving to the park with Julio, I didn’t really know what to expect. The above commercial already gives me heart palpitations… how on earth was I going to face this in real life?! At 7pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights the park becomes a different place altogether. Haunting music, fog, ghosts and ghouls come out to play all while enjoying haunted houses and the park’s iconic rides.

The sun is setting at @canadaswonderland and that means it’s time for #CWHaunt…. I’m ACTUALLY terrified. ???

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Thanks to our Fright Lane Passes and accompanying skeleton keys, we were able to bypass the lines and gain access to the rides and haunt mazes located across the park. The skeleton keys grant you access to top secret areas and blood curdling scenes… enter if you dare! Of all the mazes located in the dimly lit areas of the park, my personal favourites were the Cornstalkers and Club Blood.



In the Cornstalkers maze, you are surrounded by a corn maze filled with camouflaged ghouls and hands that lunge out to keep you from leaving. Twisting and turning, you never know what is around the corner waiting for you…. There were a few times where Julio screamed loudly and got caught off guard, but that’s half the fun of the experience. You won’t recognize my favourite place in Canada in the dark, and that’s exactly what the things that go bump in the night want.


As for Club Blood, we ended the night dancing the night away in a party that is simply to die for. Filled with glow in the dark monsters and a tiny flashlight to light your way, you’ll be quite entertained…. What is the most terrifying part of the whole experience and something that will haunt you (literally) is that the #CWHaunt monsters don’t just stay in their “designated” areas…

No no no. They follow you around the park and are lurking in the shadows ready to make you scream. With so many amazing mazes, rides, shows & more to experience, this is definitely something that will tantalize your senses. For those who enjoy being scared, there is still time to get your tickets and enjoy an evening of frightful delights.

Make sure to click here to get your Fright Lane passes today (the best way to ensure you enjoy all the terrifying attractions and rides) I’ll admit that I thought I would HATE the experience and scream like a fool the entire time…. Surprisingly I ended up loving the experience and laughing the night away. Poor Julio and his friends that we brought along alas were not so amused….

Turns out… I like being the one who scares you too. I LOVE @canadaswonderland’s #CWHaunt so much! Muahahahah ? A photo posted by Daniel Desforges (@dothedaniel) on

I think I would actually LOVE to work during this spooktacular season at Wonderland scaring patrons along with my new freaky friends. They say the best people come out at night… I would whole heartedly agree.

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AND for more behind the scenes check out the blog section of the site to see some of our favourite media outlets and blogs during their #CWHaunt experience!

To get ready for your Haunt experience and see some behind the scenes magic, make sure to follow @WonderlandNews on Twitter and @CanadasWonderland on Instagram. Use the #CWHaunt hashtag when you attend and to show us all your favourite monster, maze and moments! Just make sure to look over your shoulder… you never know what might be lurking in the shadows.

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* Not recommended for children under 13. No costumes. Please note, Halloween Haunt is a special ticket event not covered by regular Canada’s Wonderland admission or a Canada’s Wonderland Season Pass.

Photos: The Haunt, Daniel Desforges & Julio Reyes


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