The Only Wine List You’ll Need This Summer

It’s a pretty big statement, but one that I stand behind – I’ve been working feverishly behind the scenes to curate a list of local wines that will compliment every activity and emotion you could possibly imagine this summer. From sitting in the sun to BBQ nights with your friends, I’ve got them all and I’m finally ready to share them with you all to help kick off your summer in the best way possible!

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Daniel’s Dish | Shangri-La Hotel Toronto’s new #RootedInNature menu coming to Bosk

The premise of the column is simple; work with restaurants of all kinds to explore what they have to offer and what makes them unique. In a city like Toronto, the choices are sometimes daunting and the food reviews and critics can be snotty and too complicated for their own good. So why not keep this easy? Drinks. Appetizer. Main Course. Dessert. All along with a bit of information about what makes them my choice for Daniel’s Dish and why you should try them right away!

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Food & Wine | L is For … Love, Laughter & Life.

As I’m sure most of you are aware, I attend a lot of events. Aside from the Fashion previews, chi chi parties and the fabulous ins and outs of my life, I always try to remember why I got into this world. My love of food and wine, lifestyle and information that I am blessed to share with you all. When I was introduced to the events and dinners hosted by L is For Chef Eyal Liebman, I was in for quite the experience. I soon learnt that L is For: Love, Laughter & Life. The three most important things that inspire a good Chef in my opinion. Continue reading “Food & Wine | L is For … Love, Laughter & Life.”