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As I’m sure most of you are aware, I attend a lot of events. Aside from the Fashion previews, chi chi parties and the fabulous ins and outs of my life, I always try to remember why I got into this world. My love of food and wine, lifestyle and information that I am blessed to share with you all. When I was introduced to the events and dinners hosted by L is For Chef Eyal Liebman, I was in for quite the experience. I soon learnt that L is For: Love, Laughter & Life. The three most important things that inspire a good Chef in my opinion.

The dinner I had the opportunity to attend had an eloquently laid out tasting menu that revolved around fresh food, chocolate pairing and involvement in the dishes, and fantastic wine. That sounds pretty much perfect to me, wouldn’t you agree? “L is For… offers a veriety of sweet creations, personal chef services, classes, events and menu consulting. All of these are rooted in Eyal’s philosophy & skills as a classic French-trained pâtissier.”


But Eyal isn’t limited to only tasting dinners. A private chef, a teacher of classes and a professional pâtissier, he is a man of all culinary trades and his passion is inspiring. I was captivated by his creations and daring choices and I encourage you to do the same and allow L is For to take you to new levels of food appreciation.


Want to know how? Why not join his next Chocolate Dinner taking place on May 8th 2014? His collaboration with Valrhona Chocolate (see my recent post here), Henry of Pelham Wine AND Château des Charmes Wine is bound to be spectacular. Dinner & Pairing tickets or just dinner tickets are available here and 25% of proceeds raised will go towards Second Harvest.

Why not tell @EyalPastryChef what L is For for you after your culinary experience during one of his famous dinners?

So go love, go laugh, and go live with L is For!

Photos: L is ForIan Fairweather


Daniel Desforges