The New England Trip of a Lifetime

Have you ever visited somewhere before, not really knowing what to expect (or just not really expecting much at all), but then you’re completely and pleasantly surprised? Maybe it’s because you’re going into it by setting lowered standards or you’re just allowing yourself to be open to whatever your experience has on offer at the moment – but it’s a truly wonderful feeling.

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Out To Sea on an Iconic Photography Cruise

I freakin’ love being near the water. So, when I moved back to Toronto, I made sure that I could live as close as humanly possible to the beach. And I’ve officially achieved that goal by living in the last house on the street before the boardwalk begins. (Insert jokes about my apartment flooding here). But in all seriousness, actually being out on the water and connected with nature is next level – and something that I crave on a regular basis. 

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