Out To Sea on an Iconic Photography Cruise

I freakin’ love being near the water. So, when I moved back to Toronto, I made sure that I could live as close as humanly possible to the beach. And I’ve officially achieved that goal by living in the last house on the street before the boardwalk begins. (Insert jokes about my apartment flooding here). But in all seriousness, actually being out on the water and connected with nature is next level – and something that I crave on a regular basis. 

So, that’s why I’m headed just south of the border this Fall to try my hand at sailing on the Schooner J.&E. Riggin in Rockland, Maine. But this isn’t just a regular sail around the block, folks. This specific cruise is headed out to sea for 4 days with well-known lifestyle photographer and photojournalist, Ben Krebs. Oh and I’m taking my friend, the lovely Gracie Carroll along on the adventure with me! 
During the photography cruise, Krebs will be providing us with hands-on experience, photography direction and instruction as well as discussions about snapping a great shot – regardless of the camera or device that you’re using! He’ll also be sharing his years of international experience, including documenting the Garth Brooks World Tour featuring Trisha Yearwood.
When not on the road, Krebs works freelance doing commercial work, music videos, creative, and art direction for a wide variety of artists and clients and traveling all over the world to countries like Norway, Sweden, Sydney, and Spain. Does he need an assistant with no experience whatsoever? Cause I’m ready to apply if he’s looking for someone to get in the way and mess up most of his shots. I mean, I’m just generous like that. He told us all about his stories from travelling the world and even gave us suggestions of where to go to get the best scenery to capture. He said that there are some amazing road trips you can go on in Spain to take photos of beautiful landscapes and he suggested looking for a Cruise Agency Sydney to take a cruise from Sydney so you can experience more beautiful ocean views to shoot. I may just take a look into that and will let you know if I go ahead with it!
Specific topics that he’ll cover during our cruise along the coast include shooting with natural light, working with “what you’ve got” and making the most out of your equipment relating to the story you want to tell. What I’m most excited for, is to learn how to shoot people and environments in unconventional settings – while being “on the go”. By no means am I a photographer (see note above), but I do love the idea of learning more about this craft that I use with mediocrity on a daily basis, from an actual seasoned professional. Oh, and being out on the open water while doing it doesn’t suck either.
Built in 1927 as an oyster dredger, the historic Maine Windjammer, Schooner J.&E. Riggin will be our home for the week and our photography hot spot! Equipped to take on 24 passengers, this eco-friendly vessel will be sailing along the spruce clad islands, unequaled rocky coastline and legendary lighthouse-dotted bays of Penobscot Bay, Maine. Photo opps will be plentiful alongside other Windjammers, Maine lighthouses and even wildlife like harbour seals, bald eagles, osprey and porpoises! Food will be cooked in the galley’s woodstove oven, made with fresh, local and organic ingredients (and yes, we will be eating lobster, thank yoooouu). Other specialty cruises offered include culinary, knitting and quilting vacations. 
Gracie and I will end our last day at sea by heading back onto dry land and checking into the 250 Maine Hotel for one night before heading back home. This boutique hotel on Rockland Harbour features 26 rooms with unique, reclaimed and industrial decor. After visiting their website and social media accounts, I can tell that this place is an Instagram-dream come true. Most rooms also feature a water view, so you’ll never miss out on the whole experience of being in the harbour. With the perfect location to explore Rockland by foot, it’s easy for us to pop over to the new Center for Maine Contemporary Art or the Farnsworth Art Museum
We absolutely can’t wait to set sail next month and learn all we can about snapping a great photo in a beautiful place! Be sure to follow along on the #DoTheDaniel Instagram account & stories as we cast off on September 17th until the 21st, 2017. 
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