Sometimes in Life, You Have To Go The Extra Distance

As many of you may have already heard, I recently moved from Toronto after ten amazing years – click here for all the details. While I will of course miss living in the big city, the reason I left was to put into place a real plan (and budget) for us to start our family. And while many of us still live with a lot of uncertainties in our day-to-day lives, there is one thing that I am 100% certain of.

I am willing to change my entire life to go the extra mile and have children with my husband.

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Taking Control of The Direction I am Heading

As a year that none of us will ever forget comes to a close, I am reminding myself of things that are important and that which I can control. Yes, there has been challenge and change, but along with those lessons there has also been triumph and a certain amount of refocus. So as many may be setting resolutions, I am taking control of the direction I and my life are heading in more ways than one.

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Where Will The Summer Take You?

So let’s be honest with one another, this probably isn’t the summer you had in mind when 2020 started off. While the world is changing before our eyes, I find myself re-evaluating the simple things in life that bring me joy and make me happy. From our new Friday night DIY pizza night, to drive in movies, there are things to look forward to. So, if you had to give it some thought, where will the summer take you?

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