Taking Control of The Direction I am Heading

As a year that none of us will ever forget comes to a close, I am reminding myself of things that are important and that which I can control. Yes, there has been challenge and change, but along with those lessons there has also been triumph and a certain amount of refocus. So as many may be setting resolutions, I am taking control of the direction I and my life are heading in more ways than one.

What exactly am I talking about? Well, this year I turned 37 years old and Julio and I sat down to have a deep dive into our plans to have children. Financially, things are okay, but we aren’t necessarily on the quickest path like I would want to be. While I love blogging, leaving my full time job definitely threw a wrench into our plans and behind the scenes I have been job hunting again which of course is extra challenging amid a global pandemic.

We also have come to understand that while we love living in the city core of Toronto, opportunities may take us elsewhere in the province or the country. So proverbially and literally, I’m taking a bit more control over where the road leads us. From job opportunities and interviews, to looking into buying a car in 2021 should I land a job that requires me to commute, there’s a lot going on that I’m excited about. Which is kind of nice if I stop to think about the year we’ve all lived.

I guess it only makes sense that a blog post about direction in life and roads would include a love letter to an amazing vehicle like the 2021 Kia Sorento. After all, I haven’t been this excited to work with a partner in a long time as I’ve continued to share on social media many times. Earlier this summer we got behind the wheel with Kia Canada and I haven’t stopped smiling since.

Kia Sorento

We all know I’m not a “car guy” with specs, numbers or horses… Not my language. Those of you who speak car have always been a bit of mystery to me if I’m being honest – my baby brother included! But I do know function, design, and how a vehicle fits in to my life on the road towards a family.

The 2021 Kia Sorento X-Line (Starting from $39,495), very much like my direction in my career and personal goals this year, has been completely redesigned, with improved driving dynamics, superior performance and ride quality, and bold styling. First impression when I saw the car are how powerful it looked and felt.

If you zoom in on my Roots touque in the above photo you’ll see it says “The drive is yours.” I think after almost twenty years, I may at times forget why I fell in love with driving over twenty years ago. The freedom of it, the calmness of being on the road, the solitude it can offer me after a busy day… I feel all of these things and more when I’m driving. That, and I can usually be found “singing” at the top of my lungs to whatever song I’m abscessed with at the time. ?

This is a sizeable vehicle that my little (growing soon) family could get in to and have winter drives and adventures in. The center console itself was easy to navigate, and the smart additions of charging outlets and wireless mobile charging speak to the design and its understanding of life in 2020.

Kia Sorento
Kia Sorento
Kia Sorento

The X-Line model which is the one pictured above that we have been lucky to be test driving over the last few weeks of the year is a new and groundbreaking trim, that boasts early access to premium features such as
20-inch rims, a 2.5 litre turbo engine, and second-row captain’s chairs.

Sidebar. Can I just say I’m not sure if I can ever own a car as a Canadian without seat warmers. Just saying.

Kia Sorento

Many Canadians will understand the coolest feature we recently got to try first hand and the importance of it. Drivers can go safely wherever the road takes them with drive mode select, effortlessly travelling through snow, mud and sand, and featuring comfort, eco and sport modes to suit different styles for an upgraded drive. A simple turn of a switch and we were able to drive down snowy roads to get some beautiful memories with Canela this winter. But the car itself is more than just adventurous. It’s been perfect for those big grocery runs, driving Julio to work, and I found myself sitting in it envisioning a car seat behind me.

So maybe, it’s more than just function and adventure for me now. It’s about the direction I’m headed with my husband as we work towards our dreams together. I’m more focused, more in line with my goals and ready to take on 2021 and everything it has in store for us. With the right tools and people in my life, anything is people. And for those of you in a similar position, I hope that helps you to feel focused as well.

You got this. We all do.

Kia Sorento

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year, and the next!

Daniel Reyes

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