Finding My Fall Must Haves

As October slowly wraps itself around me like all the warm sweaters and blankets I am excited to be able to cozy up with, it’s time to start talking about my absolute FAVOURITE wardrobe season. The autumn is here and with it comes beautiful layers, button up shirts with a bit of flare to express myself at the office, and some must have items that I simply have to have to look and feel my best.

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A Truly Toronto Hotel Experience

As most of you may know, I covered the 2017 IHEARTRADIO MMVAs this year on behalf of the blog. It was honestly one of the biggest events within the media that I have had the pleasure and opportunity to attend. I was extremely excited of course, but also very stressed. Originally, I was worried about my commute as my place in Toronto is located all the way in “Narnia” (AKA by Kipling Station #humbernorthproblems). The problem with living in that area is that the commute isn’t always reliable. Sometimes it can take me 40 minutes to get downtown by transit, and other times it has taken me two hours because of traffic, delays, or other random unfortunate Toronto-related circumstances.

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Highlights from the 2017 JUNO Awards

 As Official JUNOS Bloggers, the team at Do The Daniel was able to pull back the curtain on Canada’s biggest music event of the year.  And the best part was that we are allowed to bring YOU along with us! For those who followed our journey from start to finish, you would have seen nothing but sheer excitement during our adventures. Here are some of the highlights from our weekend in Ottawa!

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Travel & Lifestyle | How I fell in love with online shopping this fall with LE CHÂTEAU

Chances are you’re in one of two groups of people: the group that is excited for fall and all the amazing wardrobe items that come with a cooler climate, or you are sad that summer is over and need a reason to smile. Well, thankfully, Canadians love to online shop an I recently rediscovered my love of adding to my wardrobe with LE CHÂTEAU. This month’s #LeStyleChallenge was all at the touch of a button and I’m sharing my favourite parts of it all!  Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | How I fell in love with online shopping this fall with LE CHÂTEAU”